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Press Releases

No 130/2014 : 23 September 2014
External relations
The General Court annuls the entry of a Belarusian journalist in the list of persons subject to restrictive measures against Belarus

No 129/2014 : 18 September 2014
The minimum wage fixed in the context of the award of public contracts may not be extended to employees of a subcontractor established in another Member State, where those employees perform the contract at issue exclusively in that State

No 128/2014 : 18 September 2014
Approximation of laws
Registration as a trade mark of shapes required by the function of a product and of shapes which give substantial value to a product with several characteristics may be precluded under EU law

No 127/2014 : 18 September 2014
Spanish law requiring airlines to carry checked-in baggage without a surcharge, infringes EU law.

No 126/2014 : 18 September 2014
External relations
The General Court rejects the claim for damages brought by Mr Georgias, Deputy Minister of the Government of Zimbabwe

No 125/2014 : 11 September 2014

No 124/2014 : 11 September 2014
Freedom of establishment
A Member State may authorise libraries to digitise, without the consent of the rightholders, books they hold in their collection so as to make them available at electronic reading points

No 123/2014 : 11 September 2014
The Court of Justice holds that the General Court could not properly conclude that the pricing measures adopted by the French Groupement des cartes bancaires had as ‘their object’ the restriction of competition

No 122/2014 : 11 September 2014
The Court of Justice confirms the judgment of the General Court and thus validates the Commission’s decision prohibiting the multilateral interchange fees applied by MasterCard

No 121/2014 : 10 September 2014
Approximation of laws
The Court clarifies the scope of consumer protection in the case of a charge on the family home


Press releases are unofficial documents for media use and are not binding on the Court of Justice