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Press Releases

No 67/2016 : 22 June 2016
Law governing the institutions
For having delayed in implementing the Urban Waste Water Directive, Portugal is ordered to pay a lump sum payment of € 3 000 000 and a penalty payment of € 8 000 per day of delay

No 66/2016 : 21 June 2016
Freedom of movement for persons
The obligation to draw up cross-border invoices exclusively in a particular language, failing which they are null and void, infringes EU law

No 65/2016 : 16 June 2016
Area of Freedom, Security and Justice
The occurrence of purely financial damage in a Member State does not justify in itself the jurisdiction of the courts of that State

No 64/2016 : 16 June 2016
Freedom of establishment
In the view of Advocate General Szpunar, the lending of electronic books is comparable to the lending of traditional books

No 63/2016 : 14 June 2016
Social security for migrant workers
The UK can require recipients of child benefit and child tax credit to have a right to reside in the UK

No 62/2016 : 9 June 2016
Freedom of movement for persons
Advocate General Wathelet considers that a child in a reconstituted family may be regarded as the child of the stepparent for the purposes of a cross-frontier social advantage

No 61/2016 : 9 June 2016
Agriculture and fisheries
The Commission may require Member States to remove all plants capable of being infected by the Xylella fastidiosa bacterium, even when there are no symptoms of infection, when such plants are in the vicinity of plants already affected by that bacterium

No 60/2016 : 9 June 2016
Approximation of laws
The copyright directive precludes fair compensation due to authors for private copying of their works from being financed by a budgetary scheme such as that established in Spain

No 59/2016 : 8 June 2016
Entry into office of new Judges at the General Court

No 58/2016 : 7 June 2016
Area of Freedom, Security and Justice
The Return Directive prevents a national of a non-EU country who has not yet been subject to the return procedure being imprisoned solely because he or she has entered the territory of a Member State illegally across an internal border of the Schengen area


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