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Press Releases

No 48/2015 : 30 April 2015
Economic policy
The Court of Justice confirms the inadmissibility of the action brought by 5 217 individuals against a number of ECB ‘decisions’ of 6 September 2012, including that relating to OMT

No 47/2015 : 30 April 2015
Approximation of laws
The Court clarifies the term ‘establishment’ in connection with collective redundancies

No 46/2015 : 29 April 2015
The permanent deferral from blood donation for men who have had sexual relations with another man may be justified, having regard to the situation prevailing in the Member State concerned

No 45/2015 : 29 April 2015
Freedom of establishment
Member States may require life assurance companies to send clients information other than that listed in the Third Life Assurance Directive

No 44/2015 : 28 April 2015
Reform of the EU’s Court System

No 43/2015 : 23 April 2015
Agriculture and fisheries
Protection for animals under EU law does not stop at the outer borders of the EU

No 42/2015 : 23 April 2015
Approximation of laws
An insurance contract must set out transparently, in plain, intelligible language, the functioning of the insurance arrangements, so that that consumer can evaluate the economic consequences which derive from it

No 41/2015 : 23 April 2015
The Court confirms the fine of €210 million imposed on LG Display for its participation in the cartel on the market for LCD panels

No 40/2015 : 23 April 2015
The holder of a driving licence may be refused the right to drive in the territory of another Member State after committing a road traffic offence in that State which results in his being unfit to drive

No 39/2015 : 22 April 2015
Community Budget
The General Court annuls the entry of a Greek company in the Early Warning System put in place by the Commission to protect the EU’s financial interests


Press releases are unofficial documents for media use and are not binding on the Court of Justice