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Press Releases

No 112/2015 : 1 October 2015
Area of Freedom, Security and Justice
The ‘Return Directive’ does not, in principle, preclude legislation of a Member State which imposes a prison sentence on a third-country national who unlawfully enters its territory in breach of an entry ban

No 111/2015 : 1 October 2015
Approximation of laws
Data protection legislation of a Member State may be applied to a foreign company which exercises in that State, through stable arrangements, a real and effective activity

No 110/2015 : 1 October 2015
Economic policy
Persons whose personal data are subject to transfer and processing between two public administrative bodies must be informed in advance

No 109/2015 : 30 September 2015
Intellectual and industrial property
The General Court considers that the repute of the Lacoste crocodile is such as to prevent the registration of crocodile or caiman figures for leather goods, clothing and footwear

No 108/2015 : 30 September 2015
Law governing the institutions
The General Court of the EU confirms that the European citizens’ initiative seeking to allow cancellation of the onerous public debt of countries in a state of necessity such as Greece cannot be registered

No 107/2015 : 24 September 2015
Law governing the institutions
The General Court annuls three competition notices which require the candidates to choose English, French or German as their second language and as the language of communication with EPSO

No 106/2015 : 23 September 2015
Approximation of laws
According to Advocate General Bot, the Commission decision finding that the protection of personal data in the United States is adequate does not prevent national authorities from suspending the transfer of the data of European Facebook subscribers to servers located in the United States

No 105/2015 : 17 September 2015
Even in the event of a flight cancellation on account of unforeseen technical problems, air carriers are required to compensate passengers

No 104/2015 : 17 September 2015
The Court of Justice reduces the fine imposed on Total jointly and severally with Total France from €128 million to €125 million

No 103/2015 : 17 September 2015
State aid
Due to its delay in recovering aid incompatible with the common market, Italy is ordered to pay a lump sum of €30 million and a fine of €12 million per semester of delay


Press releases are unofficial documents for media use and are not binding on the Court of Justice