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Press Releases

No 31/2015 : 5 March 2015
Approximation of laws
Where a medical device has a potential defect, all products of the same model may be classified as defective

No 30/2015 : 5 March 2015
France and Luxembourg cannot apply a reduced rate of VAT to the supply of electronic books, in contrast with paper books

No 29/2015 : 4 March 2015
Economic policy
The General Court annuls the Eurosystem Oversight Policy Framework published by the ECB, which requires central counterparties to be located in the Eurozone

No 28/2015 : 4 March 2015
Environment and consumers
Italian legislation under which owners of land who are not polluters are not required to adopt preventive and remedial measures is compatible with EU law

No 27/2015 : 3 March 2015
Statistics concerning judicial activity in 2014

No 26/2015 : 27 February 2015
Approximation of laws
The Commission may not automatically refuse access to the written submissions of Member States in proceedings before the Court of Justice on the grounds that they are documents used in court proceedings

No 25/2015 : 26 February 2015
State aid
The reform of the financing of the pensions of civil servants working for France Télécom after its conversion into a public limited company only constitutes compatible State aid subject to the conditions imposed by the Commission

No 24/2015 : 26 February 2015
Approximation of laws
The cost of the royalty that has to be paid to the author on any resale of a work of art by an art market professional may be borne, definitively, by the seller or the buyer

No 23/2015 : 26 February 2015
Environment and consumers
EU law precludes a Czech tax on the acquisition free of charge of greenhouse gas emission allowances by electricity producers to the extent that the tax applies to more than 10% of those allowances

No 22/2015 : 26 February 2015
Social security for migrant workers
The income from assets of French residents who work in another Member State cannot be made subject to French social contributions


Press releases are unofficial documents for media use and are not binding on the Court of Justice