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Press Releases

No 62/2014 : 10 April 2014
In exempting the private production of small quantities of spirits from excise duty, Hungary has infringed EU law

No 61/2014 : 10 April 2014
Free movement of capital
A Member State may not exclude from a tax exemption dividends paid by nationally established companies to an investment fund established in a nonMember State if there exists between the two States an obligation of mutual administrative assistance

No 60/2014 : 10 April 2014
The Court in part allows the appeals in the cases concerning the cartel on the gas insulated switchgear market

No 59/2014 : 10 April 2014
Freedom of movement for persons
According to Advocate General Nils Wahl, the mere fact that a citizen chooses to acquire the title of lawyer in another Member State for the purpose of benefitting from more favourable legislation is not an abuse of rights

No 58/2014 : 10 April 2014
Approximation of laws
The amount of the levy payable for making private copies of a protected work may not take unlawful reproductions into account

No 57/2014 : 9 April 2014
Official visit of the Court of Justice of the European Union to Poland

No 56/2014 : 9 April 2014
Agriculture and fisheries
The General Court confirms the Commission Decision ordering Greece to recover aid granted to cereal producers and agricultural cooperatives in 2008

No 55/2014 : 9 April 2014
Freedom of establishment
Payees may be generally prohibited from levying charges on the payer whatever the payment instrument selected

No 54/2014 : 8 April 2014
Approximation of laws
The Court of Justice declares the Data Retention Directive to be invalid

No 53/2014 : 8 April 2014
Approximation of laws
By prematurely bringing to an end the term served by its Data Protection Supervisor, Hungary has infringed EU law


Press releases are unofficial documents for media use and are not binding on the Court of Justice