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Press Releases

No 73/2015 : 19 June 2015
New procedural rules adopted by the General Court

No 72/2015 : 16 June 2015
Freedom of establishment
Italian legislation requiring certification bodies to have their registered office in Italy is contrary to EU law

No 71/2015 : 16 June 2015
Intellectual and industrial property
The General Court upholds the registration of the shape of Lego figures as a Community trade mark

No 70/2015 : 16 June 2015
Economic policy
The OMT programme announced by the ECB in September 2012 is compatible with EU law

No 69/2015 : 11 June 2015
Approximation of laws
Hungarian legislation which prohibits the operation of slot machines outside casinos may be contrary to the principle of freedom to provide services

No 68/2015 : 11 June 2015
Approximation of laws
The Universal Service Directive does not lay down a social pricing obligation for mobile communications and mobile Internet subscriptions

No 67/2015 : 11 June 2015
Area of Freedom, Security and Justice
Legal proceedings brought in Germany against the Greek State by individuals following the forced exchange of their government bonds may be served on that State in accordance with the EU Regulation on service

No 66/2015 : 5 June 2015
On the initiative of a number of Members of the Court of Justice, a Liber Amicorum will be presented to Mr Vassilios Skouris to celebrate his 12 years at the head of the institution

No 65/2015 : 4 June 2015
The United Kingdom cannot apply, with respect to all housing, a reduced rate of VAT to the supply and installation of energy-saving materials, since that rate is reserved solely to transactions relating to social housing

No 64/2015 : 4 June 2015
Approximation of laws
The labelling of a foodstuff must not mislead the consumer by giving the impression that a particular ingredient is present, even though it is not in fact present


Press releases are unofficial documents for media use and are not binding on the Court of Justice