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Press Releases

No 10/2015 : 22 January 2015
Freedom of establishment
EU law does not preclude the organisation in Italy of a new call for tenders for the award of gambling and betting licences whose period of validity is shorter than that of licences awarded previously

No 9/2015 : 21 January 2015
Approximation of laws
Spanish legislation according to which the national court is required to recalculate default interest whose rate is more than three times greater than the statutory rate is compatible with EU law

No 8/2015 : 21 January 2015
External relations
The General Court confirms the restrictive measures against Mohammad Makhlouf, a close associate of Bashar Al-Assad

No 7/2015 : 21 January 2015
The General Court provides clarification as to the functioning of the European Network of Competition Authorities

No 6/2015 : 15 January 2015
Intellectual and industrial property
The Principality of Monaco cannot benefit from the protection of the trade mark MONACO in the EU in respect of certain goods and services

No 5/2015 : 15 January 2015
State aid
The General Court confirms that the aid granted by the SNCF to SeaFrance is incompatible with the internal market

No 4/2015 : 15 January 2015
A computerised booking system must, from the outset, indicate the final price to be paid for each flight from an EU airport in respect of which the fare is shown

No 3/2015 : 14 January 2015
State aid
Allowing London taxis to use bus lanes while prohibiting private hire vehicles from doing so does not appear to involve State aid

No 2/2015 : 14 January 2015
Economic policy
According to Advocate General Cruz Villalón, the ECB’s Outright Monetary Transactions programme is compatible, in principle, with the TFEU

No 1/2015 : 8 January 2015
State aid
The exclusive right of the Greek gambling body to operate 35 000 Video Lottery Terminals and 13 games of chance does not constitute State aid


Press releases are unofficial documents for media use and are not binding on the Court of Justice