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Press Releases

No 157/2014 : 21 November 2014
Mobile boarding stairs colliding with an aircraft does not constitute "extraordinary circumstances" relieving the air carrier of its obligation to pay compensation for a flight delay of more than three hours

No 156/2014 : 20 November 2014
Intellectual and industrial property
The Court of Justice partially sets aside the judgments of the General Court regarding registration of the sign GOLDEN BALLS as a Community trade mark

No 155/2014 : 20 November 2014
According to Advocate General Wathelet, the proprietor of a standard-essential patent may be required, before seeking an injunction against a company that has infringed that patent, to make that company a specific licensing offer

No 154/2014 : 20 November 2014
Freedom of establishment
Advocate General Jääskinen considers that the EU legislation limiting the ratio of bankers bonuses compared to their basic salary is valid

No 153/2014 : 19 November 2014
Environment and consumers
The Court clarifies Member States’ obligations as regards respecting the limit values for nitrogen dioxide

No 152/2014 : 18 November 2014
Advocate General Yves Bot: Spain’s actions against the European regulations implementing enhanced cooperation in the area of the creation of unitary patent protection must be dismissed

No 151/2014 : 13 November 2014
Agriculture and fisheries
The Commission was correct in introducing compulsory labelling for citrus fruits that are subject to post-harvest processing using preserving agents or other chemical substances

No 150/2014 : 13 November 2014
Agriculture and fisheries
Poultry retailers may be penalised if they sell salmonella-contaminated fresh meat

No 149/2014 : 13 November 2014
The law of the Principality of Asturias setting the maximum age for recruitment of local police officers at 30 years is contrary to EU law

No 148/2014 : 12 November 2014
The Court of Justice reduces the fine imposed on Guardian for its role in the flat-glass cartel from €148 million to €103.6 million


Press releases are unofficial documents for media use and are not binding on the Court of Justice