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Press Releases

No 140/2015 : 25 November 2015
Reappointment of Alfredo Calot Escobar as Registrar of the Court of Justice

No 139/2015 : 17 November 2015
Law governing the institutions
The award of public contracts may be made subject by law to a minimum wage

No 138/2015 : 16 November 2015
The Court of Justice of the European Union adds its voice to the tributes paid to the victims of the attacks of 13 November in Paris

No 137/2015 : 13 November 2015
Law governing the institutions
According to the General Court, impact assessments intended to guide the Commission in drawing up its proposals for legislative acts are not, in principle, to be accessible to the public before those proposals have been disclosed

No 136/2015 : 12 November 2015
State aid
The General Court dismisses the action brought by two minority shareholders of HSH Nordbank and therefore upholds the Commission decision of 2011 authorising, under certain conditions, rescue measures in respect of that bank

No 135/2015 : 11 November 2015
The termination of an employment contract following the worker’s refusal to accept a significant unilateral change to essential elements of the contract which operates to his detriment constitutes a redundancy for the purpose of the directive on collective redundancies

No 134/2015 : 11 November 2015
Area of Freedom, Security and Justice
The Court defines for the first time the concept of extrajudicial documents of which the formal transmission to addressees residing in another Member State is necessary

No 133/2015 : 11 November 2015
Dyson’s action for annulment of the regulation on energy labelling of vacuum cleaners is unsuccessful

No 132/2015 : 10 November 2015
Public procurement
The General Court dismisses an action involving the award of a public service contract by the European Parliament for the supply of fire security, assistance to persons and external surveillance at the European Parliament’s site in Brussels

No 131/2015 : 30 October 2015
Approval of the proposed reform of the judicial framework of the Court of Justice of the European Union


Press releases are unofficial documents for media use and are not binding on the Court of Justice