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Press Releases

No 11/2016 : 4 February 2016
External relations
The regulation imposing an anti-dumping duty on imports into the EU of certain leather footwear originating in China and Vietnam is partially invalid

No 10/2016 : 4 February 2016
EU law may preclude the imposition of penalties in respect of the unauthorised cross-border intermediation of sporting bets carried out in Germany

No 9/2016 : 2 February 2016
Area of Freedom, Security and Justice
According to Advocate General Szpunar, a foreign national who was not stopped when illegally crossing an external border of the Schengen Area cannot be imprisoned solely on the basis of his illegal entry into the territory of a Member State

No 8/2016 : 28 January 2016
State aid
The General Court confirms that the guarantee granted by Austria to BayernLB in the context of its restructuring concerning BayernLB’s credit lines in favour of Hypo Group Alpe Adria constitutes State aid which is nevertheless compatible with EU law

No 7/2016 : 28 January 2016
External relations
The General Court annuls the freezing of the assets of five Ukrainians, including Mykola Yanovych Azarov and Sergej Arbuzov, former Prime Ministers of Ukraine, for the period from 6 March 2014 to 5 March 2015

No 6/2016 : 28 January 2016
Freedom of establishment
National rules on betting and gaming may be contrary to the principle of proportionality if they require the licensee to transfer free of charge the equipment used for the collection of bets

No 5/2016 : 28 January 2016
The Court dismisses Odile Jacob’s appeal in the case concerning Lagardère’s purchase of Vivendi Universal Publishing

No 4/2016 : 21 January 2016
Freedom of movement for persons
Cypriot legislation on pension entitlement which places migrant workers at a disadvantage in relation to those who do not leave Cyprus is contrary to EU law

No 3/2016 : 20 January 2016
In the field of competition law, the leniency programmes of the EU and of the Member States coexist autonomously

No 2/2016 : 19 January 2016
The General Court upholds the fines of €131 million imposed on Toshiba and Mitsubishi Electric for their participation in the cartel on the market for gas insulated switchgear


Press releases are unofficial documents for media use and are not binding on the Court of Justice