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Press Releases

No 94/2015 : 3 September 2015
State aid
EU law does not preclude Italian legislation which, by reference to an EU regulation not in force at the time, provides for the application of compound interest to the recovery of State aid

No 93/2015 : 3 September 2015
Approximation of laws
The Court of Justice confirms the validity of the regulation on trade in seal products

No 92/2015 : 2 September 2015
Freedom of establishment
The differentiated taxation of dividends received by the parent companies of a tax-integrated group depending on where the subsidiaries are established is contrary to EU law

No 91/2015 : 16 July 2015
Justice and Home Affairs
The expiry of the timelimits to take a decision on the execution of a European arrest warrant does not free the competent court of its obligation to adopt a decision in that regard and does not preclude, in itself, the continued holding of the requested person in custody

No 90/2015 : 16 July 2015
Free movement of capital
By imposing a fine, the amount of which corresponds to 60% of the amount of cash which is undeclared when crossing an external border of the EU, Hungarian law infringes EU law

No 89/2015 : 16 July 2015
By prohibiting a male civil servant whose wife does not work from taking parental leave, Greek legislation is incompatible with EU law

No 88/2015 : 16 July 2015
The bringing of an action for a prohibitory injunction against an alleged infringer by the proprietor of a standard-essential patent which holds a dominant position may constitute an abuse of that dominant position in certain circumstances

No 87/2015 : 16 July 2015
Area of Freedom, Security and Justice
The court called upon to decide on parental responsibility also has jurisdiction to rule on the maintenance allowance payable by one of the parents in favour of his or her minor children

No 86/2015 : 16 July 2015
Environment and consumers
As a result of its incorrect application of the Waste Directive in the region of Campania, Italy is ordered to pay a lump sum of €20 million and a daily late-payment penalty of €120 000

No 85/2015 : 16 July 2015
Citizenship of the Union
A national of a third country who is married to an EU citizen residing in a Member State other than the citizen’s own State can no longer enjoy a right of residence in that State where the EU citizen leaves that State before the commencement of divorce proceedings


Press releases are unofficial documents for media use and are not binding on the Court of Justice