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Press Releases

No 108/2016 : 22 September 2016
External relations
Advocate General Sharpston considers that the Court should annul the measures maintaining Hamas and LTTE on the EU list of terrorist organisations on procedural grounds

No 107/2016 : 22 September 2016
Free movement of goods
By refusing to recognise hallmarks for precious metals affixed by WaarborgHolland, a Netherlands assay office, the Czech Republic has infringed EU law

No 106/2016 : 22 September 2016
Election of the Presidents of Chambers of the General Court of the European Union

No 105/2016 : 21 September 2016
Approximation of laws
EU law protects the EU market from cosmetic products containing ingredients which have been tested on animals

No 104/2016 : 20 September 2016
Mr Marc van der Woude is elected Vice-President of the General Court of the European Union

No 103/2016 : 20 September 2016
Mr Marc Jaeger is re-elected President of the General Court of the European Union

No 102/2016 : 20 September 2016
Economic policy
The Court of Justice confirms the dismissal of the actions for annulment and dismisses on the merits the actions for compensation concerning the restructuring of the Cypriot banking sector

No 101/2016 : 19 September 2016
Entry into office of new Members at the Court of Justice and the General Court of the European Union

No 100/2016 : 15 September 2016
The General Court of the European Union confirms the Commission’s decision to accept the commitments of Thomson Reuters intended to remedy its abuse of a dominant position in the market for consolidated real-time datafeeds

No 99/2016 : 15 September 2016
The operator of a shop who offers a Wi-Fi network free of charge to the public is not liable for copyright infringements committed by users of that network


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