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Press Releases

No 112/2014 : 17 July 2014
Principles of Community law
Advocate General Jääskinen considers that morbid obesity may amount to a ‘disability’ for the purposes of the Equal Treatment in Employment Directive

No 111/2014 : 17 July 2014
According to Advocate General Mengozzi, a sexual relationship between two men does not, in or of itself alone, constitute conduct that justifies permanent exclusion from giving blood

No 110/2014 : 17 July 2014
Area of Freedom, Security and Justice
Advocate General Sharpston considers that when verifying an asylum seeker’s claimed sexual orientation, Member States’ freedom of action is constrained by the Charter of Fundamental Rights

No 109/2014 : 17 July 2014
Approximation of laws
According to Advocate General Cruz Villalón, an ovum whose development has been stimulated without fertilisation and which is not capable of becoming a human being cannot be considered a human embryo

No 108/2014 : 17 July 2014
Area of Freedom, Security and Justice
For third country nationals, the reunification of spouses may be subject to a condition that both spouses have reached the age of 21 by the date the application is lodged

No 107/2014 : 17 July 2014
Staff Regulations of Officials
According to Advocate General Jääskinen, decisions adopted by the European Parliament’s Petitions Committee may not be challenged before a Court

No 106/2014 : 17 July 2014
Area of Freedom, Security and Justice
In order to be able to acquire the long-term resident status provided for under EU law, third-country nationals must be personally legally and continuously resident in the host Member State for five years before submitting their application

No 105/2014 : 17 July 2014
Area of Freedom, Security and Justice
A Member State cannot rely on the fact that there are no specialised facilities in a part of its territory to justify detaining third-country nationals in prison pending their removal

No 104/2014 : 17 July 2014
Environment and consumers
By not prohibiting the uncontrolled management of a landfill site in the National Marine Park of Zakinthos (Zante), Greece has infringed European Union environmental legislation

No 103/2014 : 17 July 2014
Freedom of movement for persons
Returning to a Member State in order to practise there the profession of lawyer under the title obtained in another Member State does not constitute an abuse


Press releases are unofficial documents for media use and are not binding on the Court of Justice