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Press Releases

No 141/2014 : 24 October 2014
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Official visit of a delegation from the Court of Justice of the European Union to Spain

No 140/2014 : 23 October 2014
Approximation of laws
Consumers supplied with electricity and gas within the framework of a universal supply obligation must be informed, with adequate notice before any price increase comes into effect, as to the reasons and preconditions for that increase and its scope

No 139/2014 : 22 October 2014
Freedom of establishment
By taxing winnings from games of chance obtained in other Member States although it exempts such winnings obtained on its territory, Italian legislation restricts the freedom to provide services

No 138/2014 : 16 October 2014
External relations
The Court annuls, on procedural grounds, the Council measures maintaining the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam on the European list of terrorist organisations

No 137/2014 : 14 October 2014
Agriculture and fisheries
The Commission did not act unlawfully by prohibiting French fishermen in 2008 from fishing bluefin tuna before the end of the validity of fishing licences

No 136/2014 : 9 October 2014
The minimum excise duty of 115% applied by Italy to cigarettes with a retail price lower than the most popular price category of cigarettes is contrary to EU law

No 135/2014 : 9 October 2014
According to Advocate General Bot, a provision of the Spanish law on the calculation of permanent invalidity pensions is contrary to EU law

No 134/2014 : 9 October 2014
Social security for migrant workers
The reimbursement of medical expenses incurred in another Member State cannot be refused where a lack of basic medical supplies and infrastructure makes it impossible for the insured person to receive hospital treatment in good time in his Member State of residence

No 133/2014 : 8 October 2014
Entry into office of a new Member of the Court of Justice

No 132/2014 : 6 October 2014
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Official visit of a delegation from the Court of Justice of the European Union to the United Kingdom


Press releases are unofficial documents for media use and are not binding on the Court of Justice