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Press Releases

No 132/2016 : 30 November 2016
Solemn undertaking before the Court of Justice of the European Union by two new Members of the European Court of Auditors

No 131/2016 : 30 November 2016
External relations
The General Court confirms the fund-freezing measures imposed on Mr Arkady Rotenberg for the period 2015-2016

No 130/2016 : 30 November 2016
State aid
The Court dismisses the Commission’s appeal in the case involving shareholder loans offered to France Télécom by the French authorities at a time when the telephone operator was undergoing a major crisis

No 129/2016 : 24 November 2016
Renewal of the term of office of the Registrar of the General Court, Mr Emmanuel Coulon

No 128/2016 : 23 November 2016
When a person requests access to environmental documents, the concept of ‘information on emissions into the environment’ covers, inter alia, information concerning the nature and effects of the release of a pesticide into air, water or soil, or onto plants

No 127/2016 : 16 November 2016
Freedom of establishment
Under the Services Directive, applicants for a licence cannot be required to pay costs relating to the management and enforcement of the licencing regime when submitting their application

No 126/2016 : 16 November 2016
The copyright directive precludes national legislation authorising the digital reproduction of out-of-print books in breach of the exclusive rights of authors

No 125/2016 : 15 November 2016
Principles of Community law
The exclusion of candidates more than 35 years of age from a competition for the recruitment of police officers required to perform operational duties is compatible with EU law

No 124/2016 : 10 November 2016
Approximation of laws
According to Advocate General Szpunar, the cost of a call to an after-sales telephone number must not exceed the cost of a standard call

No 123/2016 : 10 November 2016
Freedom of establishment
The lending of an electronic book (e-book) may, under certain conditions, be treated in the same way as the lending of a traditional book


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