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Press Releases

No 16/2017 : 16 February 2017
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Law governing the institutions
The President of the General Court of the EU does not suspend the operation of the decisions of the European Parliament to recover from Mr Jean-Marie Le Pen, Mr Bruno Gollnisch and Ms Mylène Troszczynski sums paid in respect of salaries for local parliamentary assistants

No 15/2017 : 16 February 2017
State aid
In the view of Advocate General Kokott, tax exemptions for Church-run schools do not, as a rule, breach the prohibition on State aid

No 14/2017 : 16 February 2017
Approximation of laws
The Court of Justice delivers its judgment in the case involving breast implants made of inferior quality industrial silicone

No 13/2017 : 14 February 2017
Law governing the institutions
The EU, acting on its own, may conclude the Marrakesh Treaty on access to published works for persons who are visually impaired

No 12/2017 : 8 February 2017
Comparative advertising based on prices as between shops having different formats and sizes is unlawful in certain circumstances

No 11/2017 : 7 February 2017
According to Advocate General Mengozzi, Members States must issue a visa on humanitarian grounds where substantial grounds have been shown for believing that a refusal would place persons seeking international protection at risk of torture or inhuman or degrading treatment

No 10/2017 : 3 February 2017
Citizenship of the Union
The General Court annuls the Commission decision refusing registration of the proposed European citizens’ initiative entitled ‘Minority SafePack - one million signatures for diversity in Europe’

No 9/2017 : 31 January 2017
Area of Freedom, Security and Justice
An application for asylum can be rejected if the asylum seeker has participated in the activities of a terrorist network

No 8/2017 : 26 January 2017
The Court of Justice dismisses the majority of the appeals brought by companies that participated in the cartel on the bathroom fixtures and fittings market


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