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Press Releases

No 114/2016 : 20 October 2016
Advocate General Wahl considers that Intel’s appeal against the imposition of a €1.06 billion fine for abuse of its dominant position should be upheld

No 113/2016 : 19 October 2016
Free movement of goods
Fixed prices set in Germany for prescription-only medicinal products are contrary to EU law

No 112/2016 : 19 October 2016
Approximation of laws
The operator of a website may have a legitimate interest in storing certain personal data relating to visitors to that website in order to protect itself against cyberattacks

No 111/2016 : 13 October 2016
Area of Freedom, Security and Justice
EU law applies to an action for annulment of marriage brought by a third party following the death of one of the spouses

No 110/2016 : 12 October 2016
Intellectual and industrial property
The initial acquirer of a copy of a computer program, accompanied by an unlimited user licence, may resell that copy and his licence to a new acquirer

No 109/2016 : 11 October 2016
Area of Freedom, Security and Justice
By failing to guarantee just and appropriate compensation for victims of all violent intentional crimes committed in cross-border situations, Italy has failed to fulfil its obligations under EU law

No 108/2016 : 22 September 2016
External relations
Advocate General Sharpston considers that the Court should annul the measures maintaining Hamas and LTTE on the EU list of terrorist organisations on procedural grounds

No 107/2016 : 22 September 2016
Free movement of goods
By refusing to recognise hallmarks for precious metals affixed by WaarborgHolland, a Netherlands assay office, the Czech Republic has infringed EU law

No 106/2016 : 22 September 2016
Election of the Presidents of Chambers of the General Court of the European Union

No 105/2016 : 21 September 2016
Approximation of laws
EU law protects the EU market from cosmetic products containing ingredients which have been tested on animals


Press releases are unofficial documents for media use and are not binding on the Court of Justice