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Press Releases

No 33/2017 : 27 March 2017
Celebration of the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Rome Treaties

No 32/2017 : 15 March 2017
Solemn undertaking before the Court of Justice of the European Union by a new Member of the European Court of Auditors

No 31/2017 : 15 March 2017
Approximation of laws
A telephone subscriber’s consent to the publication of his data also covers its use in another Member State

No 30/2017 : 14 March 2017
Principles of Community law
An internal rule of an undertaking which prohibits the visible wearing of any political, philosophical or religious sign does not constitute direct discrimination

No 29/2017 : 14 March 2017
Area of Freedom, Security and Justice
Actions by armed forces during periods of armed conflict, within the meaning of international humanitarian law, may constitute ‘terrorist acts’

No 28/2017 : 9 March 2017
Member States may reserve to notaries the power to authenticate signatures appended to the documents necessary for the creation or transfer of rights to real property

No 27/2017 : 9 March 2017
Approximation of laws
The Court considers that there is no right to be forgotten in respect of personal data in the companies register

No 26/2017 : 9 March 2017
The Court upholds the fines imposed on Samsung SDI and Samsung SDI (Malaysia) for their participation in the cartel on the market for tubes for television sets and for computer monitors

No 25/2017 : 9 March 2017
Area of Freedom, Security and Justice
Notaries in Croatia, acting in enforcement proceedings on the basis of an ‘authentic document’, cannot be deemed to be ‘courts’ either within the meaning of the Regulation on the European Enforcement Order or for the purposes of the application of the Regulation on the recognition and enforcement of judgments in civil and commercial matters

No 24/2017 : 7 March 2017
Member States are not required, under EU law, to grant a humanitarian visa to persons who wish to enter their territory with a view to applying for asylum, but they remain free to do so on the basis of their national law


Press releases are unofficial documents for media use and are not binding on the Court of Justice