Organisation of Departments

The Registrar of the Court of Justice, under the authority of the President of the Court, is responsible for all the departments of the Court, with the exception of the internal audit department, which is directly attached to the President.

Those departments support the work of the three courts, each court also having its own registry. The registries are responsible for the efficient handling of cases as well as the receipt, notification and retention of all procedural documents.

 Registrar of the Court of Justice
Directorate-General for Personnel and FinanceDirectorate-General for Library, Research and DocumentationDirectorate-General for InfrastructuresDirectorate-General for TranslationInterpretation Directorate
Directorate for Human Resources and Personnel AdministrationLibrary DirectorateDirectorate for BuildingsDirectorate A  Language units  CS-ES-FR-HU-LT MT-NL-RO-SKDirectorate for Protocol and Visits
Directorate for Budget and AccountingResearch and Documentation DirectorateDirectorate for LogisticsDirectorate B  Language units  DA-DE-EL-ET-PL-PTCommunication Directorate
  Directorate for Information TechnologiesDirectorate C  Language units  BG-EN-FI-HR IT-LV-SL-SVLegal Advisor on Administrative Matters