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Texts governing procedure

Extracts of Treaties

Statute of the Court of Justice of the European Union

Rules of Procedure of the General Court (1-7-2015)

Rules of Procedure of 2 May 1991, as last modified on 19 June 2013 (1-7-2013)

Practice rules for the implementation of the Rules OF Procedure of the General Court

Decision of the General Court of 14 September 2011 on the lodging and service of procedural documents by means of e-Curia

e-Curia: Conditions of use applicable to parties' representatives (11-10-2011)

e-Curia: Conditions of use applicable to assistants (11-10-2011)

Notices in the Official Journal of the European Union

Election of the President of the General Court (OJ 2013 C 313)

Election of the Vice-President of the General Court (OJ 2013 C 313)

Elections of Presidents of Chambers (OJ 2013 C 313)

Assignment of Judges to Chambers (OJ 2015 C 354)

Criteria for assigning cases to Chambers (OJ 2013 C 313)

Method of designation of the Judge replacing a Judge prevented from acting (OJ 2015 C 213)

Composition of the Grand Chamber (OJ 2015 C 213)

Appeal Chamber (OJ 2013 C 313)

Appointment of the Registrar (OJ 2011 C 305)

Other useful information

Anonymity in judicial proceedings before the General Court of the European Union

Aide-mémoire: Application lodged in paper format

Aide-memoire: Application lodged by means of e-curia

Model summary of the pleas in law and main arguments relied on in the application

Aide-mémoire: Hearing of oral argument

Advice to counsel appearing before the Court

Legal aid form

Correlation table: Rules of Procedure of 4 March 2015 and amended Rules of Procedure of 2 May 1991

Current amendments to texts

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More information

Procedure - Chronology of amendments