Language of document : ECLI:EU:T:2016:306

Order of the President of the General Court of 23 May 2016 —
Efler and Others v Commission

(Case T‑754/14 R)

Interim measures — Law governing the institutions — European citizens’ initiative — Refusal of registration — Application for interim measures — Inadmissibility

1.                     Application for interim measures — Interim measures — Aim — Full effectiveness of the future decision on the merits without prejudging its sense or depriving it of effect — Application seeking measures outside the scope of the main proceedings — Not permissible (Arts 256(1) TFEU, 278 TFEU and 279 TFEU) (see paras 19-22)

2.                     Application for interim measures — Interim measures — Application for interim measures in the context of an action for annulment of a negative decision — Application for an injunction prohibiting the Commission from submitting to the Council the draft of an international agreement with a view to adopting a decision on the signature of the latter — Application seeking measures outside the scope of the main proceedings — No particularly serious prima facie case constituted by manifest and serious illegality — Not permissible (Art. 279 TFEU) (see paras 25, 29, 30, 35-37)

3.                     Citizenship of the Union — Rights of the citizen — Presentation of a citizens’ initiative — Regulation No 211/2011 — Obligations on the Commission following registration of a proposal for a citizens’ initiative (European Parliament and Council Regulation No 211/2011, Arts 5(5), and 10(1)(c)) (see paras 26, 27, 32-34)


APPLICATION for interim measures relating to Commission Decision C(2014) 6501 final of 10 September 2014 rejecting the request for registration of the citizens’ initiative ‘STOP TTIP’.

Operative part


The application for interim measures is dismissed.


Costs are reserved.