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Action brought on 10 July 2017 — European Commission v Republic of Croatia

(Case C-415/17)

Language of the case: Croatian


Applicant: European Commission (represented by: H. Støvlbæk, M. Mataija and G. von Rintelen, Agents)

Defendant: Republic of Croatia

Form of order sought

The European Commission claims that the Court should:

declare that the Republic of Croatia has failed to fulfil its obligations under Article 2 of Directive 2014/56/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16 April 2014 amending Directive 2006/43/EC on statutory audits of annual accounts and consolidated accounts (OJ 2014 L 158, p. 196), by failing to take the necessary measures, by 17 June 2016, in order to comply with that directive or, in any event, by failing to communicate such measures to the Commission;

impose on the Republic of Croatia, in accordance with Article 260(3) TFEU, a daily penalty payment of EUR 9 275.20, with effect from the day on which judgment is given that there has been a failure to comply with the obligation to notify the measures for transposing Directive 2014/59/EU;

order the Republic of Croatia to pay the costs.

Pleas in law and main arguments

The Republic of Croatia has failed to fulfil its obligation to inform the Commission of the measures for transposing Directive 2014/56/EU within the time limit laid down in Article 2 of that directive.