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Judgment of the Civil Service Tribunal (First Chamber) of 27 September 2011 - Sarah Whitehead v European Central Bank

(Case F-98/09) 1

(Civil service - Staff of the ECB - Annual salary and bonus review - 2008 review - Annual assessment - Criteria for assessment - Staff Committee consultation - Taking account of periods of sick leave - Setting of objectives)

Language of the case: English


Applicant: Sarah Whitehead (Frankfurt am Main, Germany) (represented by: L. Levi and M. Vandenbussche, lawyers)

Defendant: European Central Bank (ECB) (represented: initially by F. Feyerbacher and G. Nuvoli, Agents and by B. Wägenbaur, lawyer, and subsequently by E. Carlini and G. Nuvoli, Agents and by B. Wägenbaur, lawyer)


First, annulment of the decision of the ECB awarding the applicant a salary increase of two points for the purpose of the Annual Salary and Bonus Review for the year 2008, and payment of the difference between the salary increase received and that to which the applicant claims she was entitled. Second, compensation for non-material loss suffered.

Operative part of the judgment

The Tribunal:

Dismisses the action;

Orders Ms Whitehead to bear her own costs and to pay those of the European Central Bank.


1 - OJ C 24, 30.1.10, p. 82.