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Action brought on 9 November 2012 - ZZ v Council

(Case F-136/12)

Language of the case: French


Applicant: ZZ (represented by: M. Velardo, lawyer)

Defendant: Council of the European Union

Subject-matter and description of the proceedings

Annulment, firstly, of Council Decision 2011/866/EU of 19 December 2011 concerning the Commission's proposal for a Council Regulation adjusting the remuneration and pension of the officials and other servants of the European Union and, secondly, the salary statements for January, February and March 2012 established pursuant to that decision.

Form of order sought

Annul the decisions of the Council expressed in the salary statements of January 2012 et seq. and in the statements of 2011 inasmuch as they do not apply the adjustment rate of 1.7% proposed by the Commission;

Order the Council to reimburse the applicant the difference between the salary amounts paid pursuant to the Council Decision of 19 December 2011 until the date of judgment in the present case and those which ought to have been paid to him had the adjustment been correctly calculated, together with interest at the rate fixed by the European Central Bank for main refinancing operations applicable during the relevant periods, increased by three and a half points, with effect from the date on which the sums of the principal claim fell due;

Order the Council to pay the costs.