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Judgment of the Civil Service Tribunal (Third Chamber) of 18 April 2012 – Buxton v Parliament

(Case F-50/11) 1

(Civil service – Officials – Award of merit points – Staff report – Part-time work – Equal treatment)

Language of the case: French


Applicant: Dawn Cheryl Buxton (Luxembourg) (represented by: P. Nelissen Grade and G. Leblanc, lawyers)

Defendant: European Parliament (represented by: S. Alves and N.B. Rasmussen, agents)


Civil service – Application for annulment of the decision of the appointing authority to grant the applicant only one merit point for the 2009 reports procedure.

Operative part of the judgment

The Tribunal:

Dismisses the action;

Orders Ms Buxton to bear her own costs and to pay the costs of the European Parliament.


1 OJ C 186, 25.6.2011, p. 36.