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Request for a preliminary ruling from the Fővárosi Ítélőtábla (Hungary) lodged on 2 March 2015 — Gazdasági Versenyhivatal v Siemens Aktiengesellschaft Österreich

(Case C-102/15)

Language of the case: Hungarian

Referring court

Fővárosi Ítélőtábla

Parties to the main p

iction and the recognition and enfor

cement of judgments in civil and commercial matte

rs] cover a claim

which has its origin in the reimbursement of a fine imposed in competition proceedings and paid by a party domiciled in another Member State — the reimbursement to whom was subsequently held to be unjustified —, which the competition authority makes against that party in order to obtain the return of interest which must legally be paid on reimbursement and which was paid by the authority concerned?