Language of document : ECLI:EU:C:2019:230

Order of the Vice-President of the Court of 21 March 2019 — JPMorgan Chase and Others v Commission

(Case C1/19 P(R)]

(Appeal — Application for interim measures — Competition — Euro Interest Rate Derivatives sector — European Commission decision establishing an infringement of Article 101 TFEU — Decision 2011/695/EU — Dismissal of an application for confidential treatment of the decision — Information claimed to be confidential — Publication — Principle of the presumption of innocence — Prima facie case)

1.      Competition — Administrative procedure — Preservation of professional secrecy — Interest of an undertaking that certain information concerning its conduct not be disclosed — Interest which does not merit any specific protection in respect of undertakings which have been found to be in infringement in the operative part of a decision addressed to them

(see paras 23-25)

2.      Application for interim measures — Suspension of operation of a measure — Interim measures — Conditions for granting — Urgency — Serious and irreparable damage — Assessment in litigation on the protection of confidential information — Condition of prima facie case not satisfied

(278 TFEU and 279 TFEU)

(see paras 32-36)

Operative part


The appeal is dismissed.


JPMorgan Chase & Co., JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association, and J.P. Morgan Services LLP shall pay the costs in the present appeal proceedings and in the interim proceedings in Case C‑1/19 P(R)-R.