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Action brought on 24 July 2019 — Arranz de Miguel and Others v ECB and SRB

(Case T-528/19)

Language of the case: Spanish


Applicants: Ricardo Arranz de Miguel (Madrid, Spain), Alejandro Arranz Padierna de Villapadierna (Madrid), Felipe Arranz Padierna de Villapadierna (Madrid), Ricardo Arranz Padierna de Villapadierna (Madrid), Nicolás Arranz Padierna de Villapadierna (Madrid) (represented by: R. Pelayo Jiménez and A. Muñoz Aranguren, lawyers)

Defendants: European Central Bank and Single Resolution Board

Form of order sought

The applicants claim that the General Court should:

Declare that the ECB and the SRB have incurred non-contractual liability as a result of the infringements specified in the application and order them to pay compensation to the applicants for the damage caused, valued at the asset value of their shares, or in the alternative, order the defendant institutions to pay compensation equivalent to EUR 0.8442 per share.

Increase the amount due with compensatory interest calculated, at a rate equivalent to the annual inflation rate stated by EUROSTAT in relation to Spain, as of 6 June 2017 until the date of delivery of the judgment, plus default interest as of the date of the judgment awarding compensation for the damage suffered until actual payment.

Order the defendant institutions to pay the costs of the proceedings.

Pleas in law and main arguments

The pleas in law and main arguments are similar to those raised in Case T-659/17, Vallina Fonseca v Single Resolution Board (OJ 2017 C 424, p.42).

As regards the European Central Bank, the applicants claim, inter alia, infringement of the principle of legitimate expectations and breach of the obligation of due diligence and good administration.