Language of document : ECLI:EU:C:2019:614



Order of the Court (Eighth Chamber) of 11 July 2019 — Agrotiki Trapeza tis Ellados

(Case C262/19)(1)

(Reference for a preliminary ruling — Article 53(2) and Article 94 of the Rules of Procedure of the Court of Justice — State aid — Granting of mortgages guaranteeing bank loans awarded to farmers — National legislation imposing a cap on the amount for which mortgages may be granted — Insufficient explanation of the reasons which led the referring court to question the interpretation of EU law — Manifest inadmissibility)

1.      Questions referred for a preliminary ruling — Admissibility — Reference giving no details of the relevant facts or legislation and not setting out the reasons for making that reference to the Court of Justice — Manifest inadmissibility

(Art. 267 TFEU; Statute of the Court of Justice, Art. 23; Rules of Procedure of the Court of Justice, Arts 53(2) and 94)

(see paras 12-17, 22, operative part)

2.      State aid — Concept — Interpretation — Jurisdiction of the national courts — Limits

(Arts. 107(1) and 267 TFEU)

(see paras 18-21)

Operative part

The request for a preliminary ruling made by the Polymeles Protodikeio Athinon (First Instance Court of Athens, Greece) by decision of 8 February 2019, is manifestly inadmissible.

1 OJ C 187, 3.6.2019.