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Appeal brought on 8 July 2019 by Jakov Ardalic and others against the judgment of the General Court (Eighth Chamber) delivered on 30 April 2019 in Joined Cases T-523/16 and T-542/16, Ardalic and Others v Council

(Case C-518/19 P)

Language of the case: French


Appellants: Jakov Ardalic, Liliana Bicanova, Monica Brunetto, Claudia Istoc, Sylvie Jamet, Despina Kanellou, Christian Stouraitis, Abdelhamid Azbair, Abdel Bouzanih, Bob Kitenge Ya Musenga, El Miloud Sadiki, Cam Tran Thi (represented by: S. Orlandi, T. Martin, lawyers)

Other parties to the proceedings: Council of the European Union, European Parliament

Form of order sought

The appellants claim that the Court should:

set aside the judgment under appeal;

annul the decision no longer to allow the appellants, as of 2014, travelling time or reimbursement of annual travel expenses;

order the Commission to pay the costs.

Pleas in law and main arguments

The appellants claim that the judgment under appeal is vitiated by a number of errors of law.

Firstly, the General Court erred in law in paragraphs 65 and 73 of the judgment in limiting the extent of the judicial review it is required to carry out to ‘manifest’ cases.

Secondly, the General Court erred in law in paragraphs 68 to 71 of the judgment in finding that the appellants were not in a comparable situation to staff members who retained the benefit of travelling time and reimbursement of their annual travel expenses.

Thirdly, the General Court erred in law in finding, in paragraphs 67 and 78 to 84 of the judgment, that the regulations at issue do not infringe the principle of proportionality.