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Request for a preliminary ruling from the Verwaltungsgerichtshof Baden-Württemberg (Germany) lodged on 4 February 2020 — AR v Stadt Pforzheim

(Case C-56/20)

Language of the case: German

Referring court

Verwaltungsgerichtshof Baden-Württemberg

Parties to the main proceedings

Applicant: AR

Defendant: Stadt Pforzheim

Question referred

Does EU law, in particular Directive 2006/126/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 20 December 2006 on driving licences, 1 preclude provisions of national law under which, where a decision refusing to recognise the validity of a driving licence, within the meaning of the second subparagraph of Article 11(4) of Directive 2006/126/EC, is adopted, the foreign EC card driving licence of a person who does not have normal residence in national territory must be submitted to the decision-making national authority without delay so that the latter can record in the driving licence that that person does not have a right to drive in national territory; the endorsement (indicating a ban) usually being entered on an EC card driving licence by affixing a red ‘D’, crossed out by a diagonal line, to space 13 (for example by means of a sticker)?


1 OJ 2006 L 403, p. 18.