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Notice for the OJ


Removal from the Register of Case T-205/03, T-206/03, T-207/03, T-208/03, T-209/03, and T-210/03 1

(Language of the case: French.)

By order of 25 January 2005, the President of the Fifth Chamber of the Court of First Instance of the European Communities has ordered the removal from the Register of Case T-205/03, T-206/03,T-207/03, T-208/03, T-209/03, and T-210/03, Nicolas Georgiopoulos and Others, Panayotis Adamopoulos and Others, Athanassios Rammos, Stavroula Gogos-Skarpatzi and Others, Nikolaos Andrikakis and Others, Konstantinos Athanassopoulos and Others v Commission of the European Communities.


1 - OJ C 184 of 2.8.2003.