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Judgment of the Civil Service Tribunal (First Chamber) of 14 November 2006 - Chatziioannidou v Commission

(Case F-100/05) 1

(Officials - Pensions - Pension rights acquired before entry into the service of the Communities - Transfer to the Community scheme - Calculation of years of pensionable service - Article 11(2) of Annex VIII to the Staff Regulations - Failure to apply, because of the introduction of the euro, the provisions relating to the monetary conversion of the sum transferred)

Language of the case: French


Applicant: Eleni Chatziioannidou (Auderghem, Belgium) (represented by: S. A. Pappas, lawyer)

Defendant: Commission of the European Communities (represented by: D. Martin and K. Herrmann, Agents)


Application for annulment of the Commission's decision concerning the transfer of pension rights acquired in Greece to the Community scheme.

Operative part of the judgment

The decisions of the Commission of the European Communities of 30 November 2004 and 20 February 2005 calculating the applicant's years of pensionable service following the transfer to the Community scheme of the actuarial equivalent of the pension rights she had acquired in Greece are annulled.

The Commission of the European Communities is ordered to pay the costs.


1 - OJ C 10, 14.01.2006, p. 25 (case initially registered before the Court of First Instance of the European Communities under number T-387/05 and transferred to the European Union Civil Service Tribunal by order of 15.12.2005).