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Action brought on 26 September 2009 - Lenz v Commission

(Case F-80/09)

Language of the case: German


Applicant: Erika Lenz (Osnabrück, Germany) (represented by: J. Römer and V. Lenz, lawyers)

Defendant: Commission of the European Communities

Subject-matter and description of the proceedings

Application for annulment of the Commission's decision of 4 May 2009 not to pay the costs of the applicant's treatment by a non-medical practitioner

Form of order sought

The applicant claims that the Tribunal should:

Annul the defendant's decision of 4 May 2009 in the form of the decision of 8 July 2009 rejecting the complaint and order the defendant to reimburse 85% of the costs of EUR 297 in respect of the non-medical practitioner, that is to say, in this case, EUR 253;

Declare that the defendant must reimburse to the applicant all the medical costs in the form of non-medical practitioners' fees incurred after 1 April 2009;

Order the defendant to pay the costs of the proceedings and the lawyers' costs incurred by the applicant in the pre-litigation and judicial proceedings.