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Action brought on 12 May 2010 - de Fays v Commission

(Case F-30/10)

Language of the case: French


Applicant: Philippe de Fays (Malèves Sainte Marie Wastinnes, Belgium) (represented by: N. Soldatos, lawyer)

Defendant: European Commission

Subject-matter and description of the proceedings

Annulment of the decision refusing to recognise the occupational nature of the disease suffered by the applicant.

Form of order sought

annul the decisions of the appointing authority of 8 September 2009 and 12 February 2010 and recognise that the applicant has been unfit to work because of occupational disease since 15 May 2005;

alternatively and secondarily, again appoint a medical committee consisting of doctors with expertise in diseases caused by ionising radiation with the task of establishing whether, in the course of carrying out his professional duties, the applicant was exposed to the risk of contracting a disease caused by ionising radiation;

order the European Commission to pay the costs.