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Action brought on 16 May 2018 — Calvo Gutierrez and Others v SRB

(Case T-315/18)

Language of the case: Spanish


Applicants: Maria Graciela Calvo Gutierrez (Alcobendas, Spain) and 21 other applicants (represented by: R. Vallina Hoset, A. Sellés Marco, C. Iglesias Megías and A. Lois Perreau de Pinninck, lawyers)

Defendant: Single Resolution Board

Form of order sought

The applicants claim that the General Court should:

Declare that the Single Resolution Board has incurred non-contractual liability and order it to repair the harm suffered by the applicants as a result of both its actions and omissions which caused the total loss of the investment in BANCO POPULAR ESPAÑOL, S.A. subordinated bonds;

Order the Board to pay the following amounts to the applicants as compensation for the pecuniary and non-pecuniary damage suffered:

As compensation for pecuniary damage, the total sum of EUR 7 570 098.17 in respect of the redemption of shares in Banco Popular, divided on a pro rata basis, according to the shareholdings of each of the applicants, as follows:

María Graciela Calvo Gutiérrez: EUR 8 836.67;

Eric Gancedo Holmer: EUR 35 257.42;

María Graciela Calvo Gutiérrez and Eric Gancedo Holmer: EUR 39 358.01;

Carlos Eric Gancedo Calvo: EUR 7 374.19;

Gabriel Gancedo Calvo: EUR 7 062.93;

Jorge Gancedo Calvo: EUR 8 545.24;

Lucía Gancedo Calvo: EUR 7 388.69;

Manuel Gancedo Calvo: EUR 9 472.17;

José Gancedo Calvo: EUR 7 389.45;

Claudia Sáez de Montagut Gancedo: EUR 763.66;

Bosco Sáez de Montagut Gancedo: EUR 2 879.18;

Yago Sáez de Montagut Gancedo: EUR 379.16;

VICA58, S.L.: EUR 265 763.84;

Diana Luisa Gancedo Holmer: EUR 175 499.04;

Guillermo de Zavala Gancedo: EUR 722.47;

Alfredo de Zavala Gancedo: EUR 718.65;

Cosme de Zavala Gancedo: EUR 1 006.27;

Bruno de Zavala Gancedo: EUR 689.66;

María Astrid Gancedo Holmer: EUR 442 136.41;

Marco Gancedo Holmer: EUR 442 135.64;


MANUEL GANCEDO, S.A.: EUR 5 340 911.85;


GANCEDO Y GONZÁLEZ, S.L.: EUR 138 671.57; and

As compensation for non-pecuniary damage, the sum of up to EUR 7 570 098.78 or such amount as the General Court shall see fit to award, divided on a pro rata basis for each of the applicants in the same proportion as the amount awarded as compensation for pecuniary damage.

Increase the amount due with corresponding default interest as of the date of delivery of judgment in the present case until its payment in full of the amount due, at the rate set by the European Central Bank (ECB) for main refinancing operations, increased by two percentage points;

Order the Board to pay the costs.

Pleas in law and main arguments

The pleas in law and main arguments are similar to those relied upon in Case T-659/17, Vallina Fonseca v Single Resolution Board (OJ 2017 C 424, p. 42).