Action brought on 15 April 2011 - ZZ v Commission

(Case F-47/11)

Language of the case: German


Applicant: ZZ. (represented by W. Bode, lawyer)

Defendant: European Commission

Subject-matter and description of the dispute

Annulment of the decision to exclude the applicant from Competition EPSO AST/100/09 and request for access to information concerning the running of the competition.

Forms of order sought

The applicant claims that the Civil Service Tribunal should :

Order the defendant to supply the applicant with full information on the running of the competition and the various tests up to the present, including the procedure for assessing tests, including, but not limited to

granting access to all documents which the defendant holds concerning the participation of the applicant in that competition including documents concerning assessment of the tests taken by the applicant.

providing full information on how the mark (12 points) which the applicant obtained in practical test (a) was arrived at.

providing information on the running of the competition in general, including the number of candidates who participated in the written and oral tests; the number of candidates who passed practical test (a); the criteria established by the selection board for assessing, for example, answer keys, criteria for the awarding of points for certain parts of the various tests, or according to which criteria for assessment; the number of points obtained by other candidates in practical tests a) and b) and information as to the manner in which those points were awarded.

Annul the defendant's decision of 28 September 2010 and confirmatory decision of 5 April 2011, thereby allowing the applicant to continue to participate in the competition, the first stage consisting in marking the applicant's practical test (b).

Order the defendant to pay the applicant's extra-legal costs arising as a result of the three administrative complaints and the present action.