Request for a preliminary ruling from the Zalaegerszegi Járásbíróság (Hungary) lodged on 12 March 2020 — Proceedings against LU

(Case C-136/20)

Language of the case: Hungarian

Referring court

Zalaegerszegi Járásbíróság

Party to the main proceedings


Questions referred

Must the rule laid down in Article 5(1) of Council Framework Decision 2005/214/JHA 1 on the application of the principle of mutual recognition to financial penalties be interpreted as meaning that, where the issuing Member State indicates one of the types of conduct listed in that provision, the authority of the executing Member State has no additional discretion to refuse execution and must execute the [decision imposing the penalty]?

If that question is answered in the negative, can the authority of the executing Member State argue that the conduct indicated in the decision of the issuing Member State does not correspond to the conduct described in the list?


1 OJ 2005 L 76, p. 16.