16 May 2007

Case F-100/05 DEP

Eleni Chatziioannidou


Commission of the European Communities

(Procedure – Taxation of costs)

Application: under Article 92(1) of the Rules of Procedure of the Court of First Instance, applicable mutatis mutandis to the Civil Service Tribunal pursuant to Article 3(4) of Council Decision 2004/752/EC, Euratom of 2 November 2004 establishing the European Union Civil Service Tribunal (OJ 2004 L 333, p. 7), until the entry into force of its rules of procedure, in which Mrs Chatziioannidou seeks taxation of the costs relating to the judgment in Case F‑100/05 Chatziioannidou v Commission [2006] ECR‑SC I-A-1-000 and II‑A‑1-000.

Held: The amount of the costs recoverable by the applicant in Case F‑100/05 is fixed at EUR 10 222.


Procedure – Costs – Taxation – Elements to be taken into consideration

(Rules of Procedure of the Court of First Instance, Art. 91(b); Council Decision 2004/752, Art. 3(4))

When assessing the scale of work involved in the proceedings before the Court in order to determine the amount of recoverable costs, the primary consideration of the Community judicature is the total number of hours of work which may appear to be objectively necessary for the purpose of those proceedings. The amount of an adviser’s fees cannot depend on the length of the documents he produces. Concise documents may be as much a reflection of their author’s ability to summarise, saving the Court and the other party time, as a sign of quick work. The brevity of a document cannot, in principle, be regarded as reflecting rapid or cursory work by the person who produces it.

(see paras 23-24)


T-290/94 DEP Kaysersberg v Commission [1998] ECR II‑4105, para. 20; T-171/00 DEP Spruyt v Commission [2002] ECR‑SC I‑A‑225 and II‑1127, para. 29