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         Case      Document Date Name of the parties Subject-matter Curia EUR-Lex
    C-42/17 Order
    28/02/2017 M.A.S. and M.B.
    C-33/17 Application (OJ)
    03/03/2017 Čepelnik
    C-25/17 Application (OJ)
    03/03/2017 Jehovan todistajat
    C-17/17 Application (OJ)
    24/02/2017 Grenville Hampshire
    C-15/17 Application (OJ)
    03/03/2017 Bosphorus Queen Shipping
    C-9/17 Application (OJ)
    03/03/2017 Tirkkonen
    C-7/17 P Application (OJ)
    10/02/2017 ANKO v Commission
    C-6/17 P Application (OJ)
    10/02/2017 ANKO v Commission
    C-5/17 Application (OJ)
    24/02/2017 DPAS Limited
    C-4/17 P Application (OJ)
    10/02/2017 Czech Republic v Commission
    C-682/16 Application (OJ)
    17/02/2017 EIB
    C-680/16 P Application (OJ)
    24/02/2017 August Wolff and Remedia v Commission
    C-679/16 Application (OJ)
    03/03/2017 A
    C-677/16 Application (OJ)
    03/03/2017 Montero Mateos
    C-676/16 Application (OJ)
    C-672/16 Application (OJ)
    03/03/2017 Imofloresmira - Investimentos Imobiliários
    C-671/16 Application (OJ)
    24/02/2017 Inter-Environnement Bruxelles and Others
    C-670/16 Order
    15/02/2017 Mengesteab
    C-669/16 Application (OJ)
    10/02/2017 Commission v United Kingdom
    C-668/16 Application (OJ)
    17/02/2017 Commission v Germany