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     Case      Document Date Name of the parties Subject-matter Curia EUR-Lex
C-56/17 Application (OJ)
24/03/2017 Fathi
C-48/17 Application (OJ)
24/03/2017 X
C-47/17 Application (OJ)
24/03/2017 X
C-36/17 Order
05/04/2017 Ahmed
EUR-Lex text
C-670/16 Application (OJ)
17/03/2017 Mengesteab
C-647/16 Application (OJ)
17/02/2017 Hassan
C-646/16 Application (OJ)
03/02/2017 Jafari
C-638/16 PPU Judgment
07/03/2017 X and X
EUR-Lex text
C-578/16 PPU Opinion
09/02/2017 C. K. and Others
EUR-Lex text
C-578/16 PPU Judgment
16/02/2017 C. K. and Others
EUR-Lex text
C-578/16 PPU Judgment (OJ)
24/03/2017 C. K. and Others
C-490/16 Application (OJ)
28/10/2016 A.S.
C-360/16 Application (OJ)
02/09/2016 Hasan
C-201/16 Application (OJ)
01/07/2016 Shiri
C-60/16 Application (OJ)
11/03/2016 Khir Amayry
C-60/16 Opinion
01/03/2017 Khir Amayry
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C-695/15 PPU Judgment (OJ)
15/04/2016 Mirza
C-695/15 PPU Judgment
17/03/2016 Mirza
EUR-Lex text
C-695/15 PPU Opinion
08/03/2016 Mirza
EUR-Lex text
C-695/15 PPU Application (OJ)
19/02/2016 Mirza