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     Case      Document Date Name of the parties Subject-matter Curia EUR-Lex
C-511/16 Application (OJ)
11/11/2016 Commission v Luxembourg
C-507/16 Application (OJ)
11/11/2016 Entertainment Bulgaria System
C-506/16 Application (OJ)
18/11/2016 Neto de Sousa
C-505/16 P Application (OJ)
11/11/2016 Yanukovych v Council
C-503/16 Application (OJ)
18/11/2016 Delgado Mendes
C-498/16 Application (OJ)
11/11/2016 Schrems
C-494/16 Application (OJ)
18/11/2016 Santoro
C-493/16 Application (OJ)
18/11/2016 Sicurbau and Others
C-492/16 Application (OJ)
18/11/2016 Incyte Corporation
C-491/16 Application (OJ)
11/11/2016 Maxiflor
C-490/16 Application (OJ)
28/10/2016 A.S.
C-489/16 Application (OJ)
21/10/2016 Commission v Luxembourg
C-487/16 P Application (OJ)
04/11/2016 Telefónica v Commission
C-486/16 Application (OJ)
11/11/2016 Bankia
C-484/16 Application (OJ)
04/11/2016 Semeraro
C-483/16 Application (OJ)
28/10/2016 Sziber
C-482/16 Application (OJ)
04/11/2016 Stollwitzer
C-481/16 Application (OJ)
30/09/2016 Commission v Greece
C-480/16 Application (OJ)
28/10/2016 Fidelity Funds
C-479/16 Order
11/10/2016 Markmann and Others
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