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     Case      Document Date Name of the parties Subject-matter Curia EUR-Lex
C-329/14 Application (OJ)
08/08/2014 Commission v Finland
C-314/14 Application (OJ)
08/08/2014 Sanoma Media Finland Oy v Nelonen Media
C-310/14 Application (OJ)
08/08/2014 Nike European Operations Netherlands
C-302/14 Application (OJ)
08/08/2014 Commission v Belgium
C-296/14 P Application (OJ)
18/07/2014 Greece v Commission
C-292/14 Application (OJ)
01/08/2014 Stroumpoulis and Others
C-290/14 Application (OJ)
08/08/2014 Celaj
C-289/14 Application (OJ)
25/07/2014 Brit Air
C-286/14 Application (OJ)
18/07/2014 Parliament v Commission
C-285/14 Application (OJ)
25/07/2014 Brasserie Bouquet
C-281/14 P Application (OJ)
08/08/2014 SACBO v Commission and INEA
C-273/14 Application (OJ)
01/08/2014 Fabre Médicament
C-272/14 Application (OJ)
18/07/2014 Baby Dan
C-271/14 Application (OJ)
01/08/2014 LFB Biomédicaments and Others
C-269/14 Application (OJ)
25/07/2014 Suomen Palvelutaksit and Oulun Taksipalvelut
C-268/14 P Application (OJ)
01/08/2014 Italmobiliare v Commission
C-267/14 P Application (OJ)
01/08/2014 Buzzi Unicem v Commission
C-266/14 Application (OJ)
01/08/2014 Federación de Servicios Privados del sindicato Comisiones obreras
C-265/14 P Application (OJ)
18/07/2014 Cemex and Others v Commission
C-264/14 Application (OJ)
11/07/2014 Hedqvist