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     Case      Document Date Name of the parties Subject-matter Curia EUR-Lex
C-134/16 P(R) Order
11/03/2016 Chemtura Netherlands v EFSA
C-128/16 P Application (OJ)
15/04/2016 Commission v Spain
C-127/16 P Application (OJ)
08/04/2016 SNCF Mobilités v Commission
C-109/16 Order
13/04/2016 Indėlių ir investicijų draudimas
C-109/16 Application (OJ)
15/04/2016 Indėlių ir investicijų draudimas
C-108/16 PPU Application (OJ)
15/04/2016 Dworzecki
C-105/16 P Application (OJ)
01/04/2016 Poland v Commission
C-104/16 P Application (OJ)
11/03/2016 Council v Front Polisario
C-104/16 P Order
07/04/2016 Council v Front Polisario
C-98/16 Application (OJ)
08/04/2016 Commission v Greece
C-97/16 Application (OJ)
15/04/2016 Pérez Retamero
C-96/16 Application (OJ)
08/04/2016 Banco Santander
C-93/16 Application (OJ)
15/04/2016 The Irish Dairy Board
C-92/16 Application (OJ)
15/04/2016 Bankia
C-90/16 Application (OJ)
08/04/2016 The English Bridge Union
C-83/16 Application (OJ)
01/04/2016 Heta Asset Resolution Bulgaria
C-82/16 Application (OJ)
08/04/2016 K. and Others
C-81/16 P Application (OJ)
18/03/2016 Spain v Commission
C-80/16 Application (OJ)
01/04/2016 ArcelorMittal Atlantique and Lorraine
C-79/16 Application (OJ)
15/04/2016 Serinelli and Others