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     Case      Document Date Name of the parties Subject-matter Curia EUR-Lex
C-71/15 P Application (OJ)
13/03/2015 Court of Justice v Kendrion
C-56/15 P Application (OJ)
20/03/2015 Global Steel Wire v Commission
C-55/15 P Application (OJ)
20/03/2015 Trenzas y Cables de Acero v Commission
C-54/15 P Application (OJ)
20/03/2015 Trefilerías Quijano v Commission
C-53/15 P Application (OJ)
20/03/2015 Moreda-Riviere Trefilerías v Commission
C-47/15 Application (OJ)
20/03/2015 Affum
C-45/15 P Application (OJ)
20/03/2015 Safa Nicu Sepahan v Council
C-39/15 Order
26/02/2015 Frenzel
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C-32/15 P Application (OJ)
27/02/2015 Electrabel and Dunamenti Erőmű v Commission
C-31/15 P Application (OJ)
27/02/2015 Photo USA Electronic Graphic v Council
C-26/15 P Application (OJ)
27/02/2015 Spain v Commission
C-21/15 P Application (OJ)
20/02/2015 Commission v Banco Santander and Santusa
C-20/15 P Application (OJ)
20/02/2015 Commission v Autogrill España
C-18/15 Application (OJ)
20/03/2015 Brisal
C-16/15 Application (OJ)
06/03/2015 Pérez López
C-15/15 Application (OJ)
20/03/2015 New Valmar
C-14/15 Application (OJ)
06/03/2015 Parliament v Council
C-13/15 Application (OJ)
13/03/2015 Cdiscount
C-12/15 Application (OJ)
27/02/2015 Universal Music International Holding
C-7/15 Order
10/03/2015 Kanageswaran
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