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     Case      Document Date Name of the parties Subject-matter Curia EUR-Lex
C-141/18 RX Decision to review
19/03/2018 Réexamen FV v Council
C-129/18 Order
14/03/2018 SM
C-129/18 Application (OJ)
23/03/2018 SM
C-125/18 Order
10/04/2018 Gómez del Moral Guasch
C-122/18 Application (OJ)
16/03/2018 Commission v Italy
C-90/18 Application (OJ)
23/03/2018 HBOR
C-85/18 PPU Order
10/04/2018 CV
EUR-Lex text
C-79/18 Application (OJ)
09/03/2018 Commission v Austria
C-77/18 Application (OJ)
09/03/2018 Commission v Austria
C-76/18 Application (OJ)
09/03/2018 Commission v Austria
C-71/18 Application (OJ)
23/03/2018 KPC Herning
C-65/18 P(R) Order
02/02/2018 Nexans France and Nexans v Commission
EUR-Lex text
C-63/18 Order
08/03/2018 Vitali
C-61/18 Application (OJ)
09/03/2018 Commission v Bulgaria
C-59/18 Application (OJ)
23/02/2018 Italy v Council
C-51/18 Application (OJ)
09/03/2018 Commission v Austria
C-43/18 Application (OJ)
09/03/2018 CFE
C-37/18 Application (OJ)
09/03/2018 Vueling Airlines
C-36/18 Application (OJ)
23/02/2018 Commission v Greece
C-33/18 Application (OJ)
09/03/2018 V