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     Case      Document Date Name of the parties Subject-matter Curia EUR-Lex
C-246/15 P Application (OJ)
03/07/2015 Pollmeier Massivholz v Commission
C-242/15 P Application (OJ)
03/07/2015 Land Hessen v Pollmeier Massivholz
C-237/15 PPU Application (OJ)
03/07/2015 Lanigan
C-224/15 P Application (OJ)
26/06/2015 Rose Vision v Commission
C-220/15 Application (OJ)
26/06/2015 Commission v Germany
C-215/15 Application (OJ)
03/07/2015 Gogova
C-210/15 P Application (OJ)
03/07/2015 Poland v Commission
C-208/15 Application (OJ)
03/07/2015 Stock ’94
C-204/15 Application (OJ)
26/06/2015 Latspas
C-203/15 Application (OJ)
19/06/2015 Tele2 Sverige
C-201/15 Application (OJ)
19/06/2015 AGET Iraklis
C-200/15 Application (OJ)
05/06/2015 Commission v Portugal
C-198/15 Application (OJ)
26/06/2015 Invamed Group and Others
C-197/15 Application (OJ)
03/07/2015 Castrejana López
C-196/15 Application (OJ)
12/06/2015 Granarolo
C-193/15 P Application (OJ)
05/06/2015 Akhras v Council
C-192/15 Application (OJ)
03/07/2015 Rease and Wullems
C-191/15 Application (OJ)
19/06/2015 Verein für Konsumenteninformation
C-189/15 Application (OJ)
26/06/2015 IRCCS - Fondazione Santa Lucia
C-188/15 Application (OJ)
19/06/2015 Bougnaoui and ADDH