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     Case      Document Date Name of the parties Subject-matter Curia EUR-Lex
T-706/14 Order
23/10/2014 Holistic Innovation Institute v REA
EUR-Lex text
T-703/14 Order
27/10/2014 Diktyo Amyntikon Viomichanion Net v Commission
T-665/14 P Application (OJ)
10/10/2014 Klar and Fernandez Fernandez v Commission
T-664/14 Application (OJ)
10/10/2014 Belgium v Commission
T-658/14 Application (OJ)
10/10/2014 Jurašinović v Council
T-657/14 Application (OJ)
10/10/2014 Spain v Commission
T-655/14 Order
29/09/2014 Carpinchera v Spain
EUR-Lex text
T-653/14 AJ Order
30/09/2014 HO v Spain and Bankia
EUR-Lex text
T-652/14 Application (OJ)
10/10/2014 AF Steelcase v OHIM
T-651/14 AJ Order
30/09/2014 HN v Spain
EUR-Lex text
T-650/14 Order
25/09/2014 Mena Gomez v Spain
EUR-Lex text
T-648/14 Application (OJ)
10/10/2014 Infusion Brands v OHIM (DUALTOOLS)
T-647/14 Application (OJ)
10/10/2014 Infusion Brands v OHIM (DUALSAW)
T-643/14 Application (OJ)
10/10/2014 Red Lemon v OHMI - Lidl Stiftung (ABTRONIC)
T-641/14 Application (OJ)
10/10/2014 Dellmeier v OHMI - Dell (LEXDELL)
T-638/14 Application (OJ)
10/10/2014 Frinsa del Noroeste v OHMI - Frisa Frigorífico Rio Doce (FRISA)
T-637/14 Application (OJ)
26/09/2014 noon Copenhagen v OHMI - Wurster Diamonds (noon)
T-635/14 Application (OJ)
26/09/2014 Urb Rulmenti Suceava v OHMI - Adiguzel (URB)
T-634/14 AJ Order
01/10/2014 HM v Bezirkgericht Uznach and Others
EUR-Lex text
T-632/14 Application (OJ)
10/10/2014 Intercon v Commission