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     Case      Document Date Name of the parties Subject-matter Curia EUR-Lex
T-197/15 Order
19/05/2015 Costa v Parliament
T-155/15 Order
20/05/2015 Kaddour v Council
EUR-Lex text
T-154/15 Order
20/05/2015 Jaber v Council
EUR-Lex text
T-153/15 Order
20/05/2015 Hamcho and Hamcho International v Council
EUR-Lex text
T-135/15 Application (OJ)
24/04/2015 Italy v Commission
T-130/15 Application (OJ)
24/04/2015 Intesa Sanpaolo v OHIM (WAVE TO PAY)
T-129/15 Application (OJ)
24/04/2015 Intesa Sanpaolo v OHIM (WAVE 2 PAY)
T-126/15 Application (OJ)
24/04/2015 El Corte Inglés v OHMI - Grup Supeco Maxor (Supeco)
T-120/15 Application (OJ)
10/04/2015 Proforec v Commission
T-118/15 Application (OJ)
17/04/2015 Slovenia v Commission
T-115/15 Order
06/05/2015 Deza v ECHA
EUR-Lex text
T-114/15 AJ Order
24/03/2015 IP v Commission
EUR-Lex text
T-113/15 Application (OJ)
24/04/2015 RFA International v Commission
T-110/15 Application (OJ)
10/04/2015 International Management Group v Commission
T-109/15 Application (OJ)
10/04/2015 Saint-Gobain Isover G+H and Others v Commission
T-108/15 Application (OJ)
10/04/2015 Bundesverband Glasindustrie and Others v Commission
T-105/15 AJ Order
18/03/2015 IO v Wspólnota Mieszkaniowa and Poland
EUR-Lex text
T-104/15 Application (OJ)
24/04/2015 Militos Symvouleftiki v Commission
T-103/15 Application (OJ)
10/04/2015 Flabeg Deutschland v Commission
T-102/15 Application (OJ)
10/04/2015 Red Bull v OHMI - Optimum Mark () and argent)