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     Case      Document Date Name of the parties Subject-matter Curia EUR-Lex
T-30/17 Order
06/02/2017 Bender v Parliament
EUR-Lex text
T-916/16 Application (OJ)
27/01/2017 Winkler v Commission
T-908/16 Application (OJ)
27/01/2017 Starbucks (HK) v EUIPO - Now Wireless (nowwireless)
T-895/16 Application (OJ)
27/01/2017 Toontrack Music v EUIPO (SUPERIOR DRUMMER)
T-894/16 Application (OJ)
27/01/2017 Air France v Commission
T-893/16 Application (OJ)
27/01/2017 Xiaomi v EUIPO - Apple (MI PAD)
T-885/16 Application (OJ)
20/01/2017 Mass Response Service v Commission
T-884/16 Application (OJ)
20/01/2017 Multiconnect v Commission
T-883/16 Application (OJ)
20/01/2017 Poland v Commission
T-882/16 Application (OJ)
27/01/2017 Sipral World v EUIPO - La Dolfina (DOLFINA)
T-881/16 Application (OJ)
27/01/2017 HJ v EMA
T-878/16 Application (OJ)
20/01/2017 Karelia v EUIPO (KARELIA)
T-875/16 Application (OJ)
27/01/2017 Falcon Technologies International v Commission
T-874/16 Application (OJ)
27/01/2017 RA v Court of Auditors
T-873/16 Application (OJ)
20/01/2017 Groupe Canal + v Commission
T-872/16 Application (OJ)
13/01/2017 repowermap v EUIPO - Repower (REPOWER)
T-869/16 Application (OJ)
20/01/2017 Wenger v EUIPO - Swissgear (SWISSGEAR)
T-868/16 Application (OJ)
13/01/2017 QI and Others v Commission and ECB
T-867/16 Application (OJ)
27/01/2017 Nomacorc v Commission
T-865/16 Application (OJ)
13/01/2017 Fútbol Club Barcelona v Commission