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         Case      Document Date Name of the parties Subject-matter Curia EUR-Lex
    C-24/20 Application (OJ)
    21/02/2020 Commission v Council
    C-11/20 Application (OJ)
    14/02/2020 Commission v Greece
    C-4/20 Application (OJ)
    21/02/2020 ALTI
    C-3/20 Application (OJ)
    21/02/2020 LR Ģenerālprokuratūra
    C-2/20 Application (OJ)
    14/02/2020 Daimler
    C-950/19 Application (OJ)
    21/02/2020 Patentti- ja rekisterihallituksen tilintarkastuslautakunta
    C-948/19 Application (OJ)
    21/02/2020 Manpower Lit
    C-946/19 Application (OJ)
    14/02/2020 MG
    C-941/19 Application (OJ)
    14/02/2020 Samohýl group
    C-940/19 Application (OJ)
    21/02/2020 Les Chirurgiens-Dentistes de France and Others
    C-930/19 Application (OJ)
    21/02/2020 Belgian State
    C-928/19 P Application (OJ)
    14/02/2020 EPSU v Commission
    C-927/19 Application (OJ)
    21/02/2020 Klaipėdos regiono atliekų tvarkymo centras
    C-913/19 Application (OJ)
    31/01/2020 CNP
    C-911/19 Application (OJ)
    07/02/2020 FBF
    C-908/19 P Order
    18/03/2020 European Food v EUIPO
    C-906/19 Application (OJ)
    07/02/2020 Ministère public
    C-905/19 Application (OJ)
    21/02/2020 Kreis Groß-Gerau
    C-904/19 Application (OJ)
    31/01/2020 E.
    C-903/19 Application (OJ)
    07/02/2020 Ministre de la transition écologique and solidaire and Ministre de l'Action and des Comptes publics