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         Case      Document Date Name of the parties Subject-matter Curia EUR-Lex
    C-646/15 Application (OJ)
    22/01/2016 Trustees of the P Panayi Accumulation & Maintenance Settlements
    C-645/15 Application (OJ)
    19/02/2016 Bund Naturschutz in Bayern and Wilde
    C-644/15 P Application (OJ)
    08/01/2016 Hungary v Commission
    C-643/15 Application (OJ)
    15/01/2016 Slovakia v Council
    C-642/15 P Application (OJ)
    05/02/2016 Klement v EUIPO
    C-641/15 Application (OJ)
    19/02/2016 Verwertungsgesellschaft Rundfunk
    C-640/15 Order
    23/12/2015 Vilkas
    C-640/15 Application (OJ)
    29/01/2016 Vilkas
    C-638/15 Application (OJ)
    26/02/2016 Eko-Tabak
    C-637/15 P Application (OJ)
    22/01/2016 VSM Geneesmiddelen v Commission
    C-636/15 P Order
    11/05/2016 August Storck v EUIPO
    EUR-Lex text
    C-635/15 P(I) Order
    01/03/2016 Cousins Material House v CEAHR and Commission
    EUR-Lex text
    C-633/15 Application (OJ)
    29/01/2016 London Borough of Ealing
    C-632/15 Application (OJ)
    05/02/2016 Popescu
    C-631/15 Application (OJ)
    05/02/2016 Álvarez Santirso
    C-630/15 P Application (OJ)
    15/01/2016 Novartis Europharm v Commission
    C-629/15 P Application (OJ)
    15/01/2016 Novartis Europharm v Commission
    C-628/15 Application (OJ)
    15/01/2016 The Trustees of the BT Pension Scheme
    C-627/15 Application (OJ)
    22/04/2016 Gavrilescu and Gavrilescu
    C-626/15 Application (OJ)
    29/01/2016 Commission v Council