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         Case      Document Date Name of the parties Subject-matter Curia EUR-Lex
    C-200/16 Order
    24/05/2016 Securitas
    C-200/16 Application (OJ)
    27/05/2016 Securitas
    C-199/16 Application (OJ)
    27/05/2016 Nianga
    C-198/16 P Application (OJ)
    15/07/2016 Agriconsulting Europe v Commission
    C-197/16 Application (OJ)
    24/06/2016 Bartolini and Others
    C-196/16 Application (OJ)
    24/06/2016 Comune di Corridonia
    C-195/16 Application (OJ)
    01/07/2016 I
    C-194/16 Application (OJ)
    27/05/2016 Bolagsupplysningen and Ilsjan
    C-193/16 Application (OJ)
    24/06/2016 E
    C-192/16 Application (OJ)
    20/05/2016 Fisher
    C-191/16 Application (OJ)
    08/07/2016 Pisciotti
    C-189/16 Application (OJ)
    27/05/2016 Zaniewicz-Dybeck
    C-188/16 Application (OJ)
    01/07/2016 Opria
    C-187/16 Application (OJ)
    13/05/2016 Commission v Austria
    C-186/16 Application (OJ)
    17/06/2016 Andriciuc and Others
    C-185/16 SA Application (OJ)
    29/04/2016 Yukos Universal v EIB
    C-184/16 Application (OJ)
    27/05/2016 Petrea
    C-183/16 P Application (OJ)
    27/05/2016 Tilly-Sabco v Commission
    C-182/16 P Application (OJ)
    29/07/2016 Meica v EUIPO
    C-181/16 Application (OJ)
    13/05/2016 Gnandi