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         Case      Document Date Name of the parties Subject-matter Curia EUR-Lex
    C-140/20 Application (OJ)
    10/07/2020 Commissioner of the Garda Síochána and Others
    C-139/20 Application (OJ)
    29/05/2020 Commission v Poland
    C-138/20 Request for a preliminary ruling
    13/03/2020 O.
    C-138/20 Order
    10/07/2020 O.
    EUR-Lex text
    C-138/20 Application (OJ)
    24/07/2020 O.
    C-137/20 Application (OJ)
    05/06/2020 SATA International
    C-137/20 Order
    03/09/2020 SATA International
    EUR-Lex text
    C-136/20 Request for a preliminary ruling
    12/03/2020 LU
    C-136/20 Application (OJ)
    12/06/2020 LU
    C-135/20 Application (OJ)
    05/06/2020 Câmara Municipal de Gondomar
    C-134/20 Request for a preliminary ruling
    11/03/2020 Volkswagen
    C-134/20 Application (OJ)
    31/07/2020 Volkswagen
    C-133/20 Request for a preliminary ruling
    11/03/2020 European Pallet Association
    C-133/20 Application (OJ)
    05/06/2020 European Pallet Association
    C-133/20 Order
    30/06/2020 European Pallet Association
    EUR-Lex text
    C-132/20 Application (OJ)
    05/06/2020 Getin Noble Bank
    C-131/20 Order
    14/05/2020 Deutsche Lufthansa
    EUR-Lex text
    C-131/20 Application (OJ)
    10/07/2020 Deutsche Lufthansa
    C-130/20 Application (OJ)
    29/05/2020 INSS
    C-130/20 Request for a preliminary ruling
    09/03/2020 INSS