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         Case      Document Date Name of the parties Subject-matter Curia EUR-Lex
    C-269/19 Application (OJ)
    28/06/2019 Banca B.
    C-268/19 Application (OJ)
    28/06/2019 Banco Santander
    C-267/19 Application (OJ)
    19/07/2019 PARKING
    C-266/19 Application (OJ)
    21/06/2019 EIS
    C-265/19 Application (OJ)
    24/05/2019 Recorded Artists Actors Performers
    C-264/19 Application (OJ)
    21/06/2019 Constantin Film Verleih
    C-263/19 Application (OJ)
    24/05/2019 T-Systems Magyarország and Others
    C-262/19 Application (OJ)
    17/05/2019 Agrotiki Trapeza Ellados
    C-262/19 Order
    11/07/2019 Agrotiki Trapeza Ellados
    EUR-Lex text
    C-261/19 P Application (OJ)
    17/05/2019 Cham Holding v Council
    C-260/19 P Application (OJ)
    17/05/2019 Bena Properties v Council
    C-259/19 Application (OJ)
    05/07/2019 Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria
    C-258/19 Application (OJ)
    17/05/2019 EUROVIA
    C-257/19 Application (OJ)
    24/05/2019 Commission v Ireland
    C-256/19 Application (OJ)
    07/06/2019 S.A.D. Maler und Anstreicher
    C-255/19 Application (OJ)
    24/05/2019 Secretary of State for the Home Department
    C-254/19 Application (OJ)
    24/05/2019 Friends of the Irish Environment
    C-253/19 Application (OJ)
    24/05/2019 Novo Banco
    C-252/19 Application (OJ)
    02/08/2019 QL
    C-251/19 P Application (OJ)
    10/05/2019 Comprojecto-Projectos e Construções and Others