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         Case      Document Date Name of the parties Subject-matter Curia EUR-Lex
    C-104/19 Application (OJ)
    12/04/2019 Donex Shipping and Forwarding
    C-102/19 Application (OJ)
    03/05/2019 DHU Arzneimittel
    C-101/19 Application (OJ)
    03/05/2019 DHU Arzneimittel
    C-100/19 Application (OJ)
    22/03/2019 Viasat UK and Viasat
    C-99/19 P Order
    21/05/2019 BI v Commission
    EUR-Lex text
    C-99/19 P Application (OJ)
    14/06/2019 BI v Commission
    C-99/19 P Order (Information)
    21/05/2019 BI v Commission
    C-98/19 P Order
    11/09/2019 Comprojecto-Projectos e Construções and Others v Portugal
    EUR-Lex text
    C-97/19 Application (OJ)
    10/05/2019 Pfeifer & Langen
    C-96/19 Application (OJ)
    03/05/2019 Bezirkshauptmannschaft Tulln
    C-95/19 Application (OJ)
    10/05/2019 Silcompa
    C-94/19 Application (OJ)
    10/05/2019 San Domenico Vetraria
    C-93/19 P Application (OJ)
    12/04/2019 EEAS v Hebberecht
    C-92/19 Application (OJ)
    10/05/2019 Burgo Group
    C-91/19 Application (OJ)
    10/05/2019 Rieco
    C-90/19 Application (OJ)
    10/05/2019 Rieco
    C-89/19 Application (OJ)
    10/05/2019 Rieco
    C-88/19 Application (OJ)
    03/05/2019 Alianța pentru combaterea abuzurilor
    C-87/19 Application (OJ)
    12/04/2019 TV Play Baltic
    C-86/19 Application (OJ)
    26/04/2019 SL