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         Case      Document Date Name of the parties Subject-matter Curia EUR-Lex
    C-687/18 Application (OJ)
    04/01/2019 Associated Newspapers
    C-686/18 Application (OJ)
    11/01/2019 Adusbef and Others
    C-686/18 Order
    18/01/2019 Adusbef and Others
    C-685/18 Application (OJ)
    14/12/2018 Minister for Justice and Equality
    C-685/18 Order
    21/12/2018 Minister for Justice and Equality
    EUR-Lex text
    C-684/18 Application (OJ)
    18/01/2019 World Comm Trading Gfz
    C-681/18 Application (OJ)
    11/01/2019 JH
    C-679/18 Application (OJ)
    04/01/2019 OPR-Finance
    C-678/18 Application (OJ)
    04/01/2019 Procureur-Generaal bij de Hoge Raad der Nederlanden
    C-677/18 Application (OJ)
    04/01/2019 Amoena
    C-676/18 Application (OJ)
    14/12/2018 Commission v Belgium
    C-673/18 Application (OJ)
    04/01/2019 Santen
    C-672/18 Application (OJ)
    04/01/2019 Ministre de l'Action and des Comptes publics
    C-670/18 Application (OJ)
    04/01/2019 Comune di Gesturi
    C-668/18 Order
    11/12/2018 Uniparts
    C-668/18 Application (OJ)
    18/01/2019 Uniparts
    C-667/18 Application (OJ)
    04/01/2019 Orde van Vlaamse Balies and Ordre des barreaux francophones and germanophone
    C-666/18 Application (OJ)
    07/12/2018 IT Development
    C-664/18 Application (OJ)
    23/11/2018 Commission v United Kingdom
    C-663/18 Application (OJ)
    07/12/2018 B S and C A