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         Case      Document Date Name of the parties Subject-matter Curia EUR-Lex
    C-44/14 Application (OJ)
    21/02/2014 Spain v Parliament and Council
    C-41/14 Application (OJ)
    21/03/2014 Christie’s France
    C-40/14 Application (OJ)
    21/03/2014 Utopia
    C-39/14 Application (OJ)
    21/03/2014 BVVG
    C-38/14 Application (OJ)
    14/03/2014 Zaizoune
    C-37/14 Application (OJ)
    21/03/2014 Commission v France
    C-36/14 Application (OJ)
    07/03/2014 Commission v Poland
    C-35/14 P Application (OJ)
    21/03/2014 Enercon v Gamesa
    C-33/14 P Application (OJ)
    21/03/2014 Mory and Others v Commission
    C-32/14 Application (OJ)
    21/03/2014 ERSTE Bank Hungary
    C-31/14 P Application (OJ)
    21/03/2014 OHIM v Kessel
    C-29/14 Application (OJ)
    07/03/2014 Commission v Poland
    C-27/14 Order
    14/02/2014 Stermann
    EUR-Lex text
    C-27/14 Application (OJ)
    28/03/2014 Stermann
    C-26/14 Application (OJ)
    07/03/2014 Beaudout Père and Fils
    C-25/14 Application (OJ)
    07/03/2014 UNIS
    C-23/14 Application (OJ)
    28/02/2014 Post Danmark
    C-21/14 P Application (OJ)
    14/02/2014 Commission v Rusal Armenal
    C-20/14 Application (OJ)
    04/04/2014 BGW Beratungs-Gesellschaft Wirtschaft
    C-18/14 Application (OJ)
    28/03/2014 CO Sociedad de Gestion y Participación and Others