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         Case      Document Date Name of the parties Subject-matter Curia EUR-Lex
    C-354/15 Application (OJ)
    28/08/2015 Henderson
    C-353/15 Application (OJ)
    28/08/2015 Leonmobili and Leone
    C-353/15 Order
    02/09/2015 Leonmobili and Leone
    C-351/15 P Application (OJ)
    21/08/2015 Commission v Total and Elf Aquitaine
    C-350/15 Application (OJ)
    04/09/2015 Baldetti
    C-349/15 Application (OJ)
    28/08/2015 Banco Popular Español
    C-347/15 Application (OJ)
    07/08/2015 Commission v Austria
    C-346/15 P Application (OJ)
    28/08/2015 Steinbeck v OHIM
    C-345/15 P Application (OJ)
    04/09/2015 CHEMK and KF v Council
    C-344/15 Application (OJ)
    04/09/2015 National Roads Authority
    C-343/15 Application (OJ)
    04/09/2015 Klinkenberg
    C-340/15 Application (OJ)
    18/09/2015 Nigl and Others
    C-339/15 Application (OJ)
    04/09/2015 Vanderborght
    C-338/15 P Application (OJ)
    21/08/2015 Staelen v Mediator
    C-337/15 P Application (OJ)
    21/08/2015 European Ombudsman v Staelen
    C-336/15 Application (OJ)
    04/09/2015 Unionen
    C-335/15 Application (OJ)
    21/08/2015 Ornano
    C-334/15 Application (OJ)
    28/08/2015 Planes Bresco
    C-333/15 Application (OJ)
    28/08/2015 Planes Bresco
    C-332/15 Application (OJ)
    11/09/2015 Astone