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         Case      Document Date Name of the parties Subject-matter Curia EUR-Lex
    C-596/18 P Application (OJ)
    09/11/2018 LS Cable & System v Commission
    C-595/18 P Application (OJ)
    23/11/2018 The Goldman Sachs Group v Commission
    C-594/18 P Application (OJ)
    09/11/2018 Austria v Commission
    C-593/18 P Application (OJ)
    16/11/2018 ABB and ABB v Commission
    C-592/18 Application (OJ)
    16/11/2018 Darie
    C-590/18 P Application (OJ)
    09/11/2018 Fujikura v Commision
    C-589/18 P Application (OJ)
    09/11/2018 Furukawa Electric v Commission
    C-588/18 Application (OJ)
    16/11/2018 Fetico and Others
    C-585/18 Order
    26/11/2018 Krajowa Rada Sądownictwa
    C-584/18 Application (OJ)
    23/11/2018 Blue Air - Airline Management Solutions and Others
    C-582/18 P Application (OJ)
    09/11/2018 Viscas v Commission
    C-581/18 Application (OJ)
    09/11/2018 TÜV Rheinland LGA Products and Allianz IARD
    C-579/18 Application (OJ)
    09/11/2018 Comida paralela 12
    C-578/18 Application (OJ)
    09/11/2018 Energiavirasto
    C-575/18 P Application (OJ)
    26/10/2018 Czech Republic v Commission
    C-574/18 Application (OJ)
    09/11/2018 C
    C-573/18 Application (OJ)
    09/11/2018 C
    C-572/18 P Application (OJ)
    16/11/2018 thyssenkrupp Electrical Steel and thyssenkrupp Electrical Steel Ugo v Commission
    C-569/18 Application (OJ)
    16/11/2018 Caseificio Cirigliana and Others
    C-567/18 Application (OJ)
    09/11/2018 Coty Germany