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         Case      Document Date Name of the parties Subject-matter Curia EUR-Lex
    C-568/15 Application (OJ)
    15/01/2016 Zentrale zur Bekämpfung unlauteren Wettbewerbs Frankfurt am Main
    C-567/15 Application (OJ)
    08/01/2016 LitSpecMet
    C-565/15 Application (OJ)
    15/01/2016 Ofenböck
    C-563/15 Application (OJ)
    18/12/2015 Commission v Spain
    C-562/15 Application (OJ)
    08/01/2016 Carrefour Hypermarchés
    C-561/15 Order
    27/11/2015 Rolof and Heimann
    EUR-Lex text
    C-561/15 Application (OJ)
    22/01/2016 Rolof and Heimann
    C-560/15 Application (OJ)
    15/01/2016 Europa Way and Persidera
    C-559/15 Application (OJ)
    15/01/2016 Onix Asigurări
    C-558/15 Application (OJ)
    18/12/2015 Vieira Azevedo and Others
    C-557/15 Application (OJ)
    11/12/2015 Commission v Malta
    C-556/15 Application (OJ)
    15/01/2016 Fondul Proprietatea
    C-555/15 Application (OJ)
    18/12/2015 Gabarel
    C-554/15 Application (OJ)
    08/01/2016 García Almodóvar and Molina Moreno
    C-553/15 Application (OJ)
    08/01/2016 Undis Servizi
    C-552/15 Application (OJ)
    27/11/2015 Commission v Ireland
    C-551/15 Application (OJ)
    22/01/2016 Pula Parking
    C-549/15 Application (OJ)
    11/12/2015 E.ON Biofor Sverige
    C-548/15 Application (OJ)
    15/01/2016 de Lange
    C-547/15 Application (OJ)
    08/01/2016 Interservice