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         Case      Document Date Name of the parties Subject-matter Curia EUR-Lex
    C-564/18 Application (OJ)
    16/11/2018 Bevándorlási és Menekültügyi Hivatal
    C-562/18 Application (OJ)
    26/10/2018 X
    C-559/18 Application (OJ)
    16/11/2018 TDK-Lambda Germany
    C-558/18 Order
    06/11/2018 Miasto Łowicz
    C-557/18 Order
    08/11/2018 Eurowings
    EUR-Lex text
    C-557/18 Application (OJ)
    16/11/2018 Eurowings
    C-555/18 Application (OJ)
    09/11/2018 K.H.K.
    C-552/18 Application (OJ)
    16/11/2018 Indaco Service and Melograno
    C-551/18 PPU Opinion
    08/11/2018 IK (Exécution d'une peine complémentaire)
    EUR-Lex text
    C-551/18 PPU Judgment
    06/12/2018 IK (Exécution d'une peine complémentaire)
    EUR-Lex text
    C-550/18 Application (OJ)
    16/11/2018 Commission v Ireland
    C-548/18 Application (OJ)
    16/11/2018 BGL BNP Paribas
    C-546/18 Application (OJ)
    09/11/2018 Adler Real Estate and Others
    C-544/18 Application (OJ)
    16/11/2018 HM Revenue & Customs
    C-543/18 RX Decision to review
    17/09/2018 Réexamen HG v Commission
    C-543/18 RX-II Decision to review (OJ)
    09/11/2018 Réexamen HG v Commission
    C-542/18 RX Decision to review
    17/09/2018 Réexamen Simpson v Council
    C-542/18 RX-II Decision to review (OJ)
    09/11/2018 Réexamen Simpson v Council
    C-541/18 Application (OJ)
    16/11/2018 Deutsches Patent- und Markenamt
    C-540/18 P Application (OJ)
    26/10/2018 HX v Council