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         Case      Document Date Name of the parties Subject-matter Curia EUR-Lex
    C-304/18 Application (OJ)
    08/06/2018 Commission v Italy
    C-303/18 P Application (OJ)
    22/06/2018 Le Pen v Parliament
    C-302/18 Application (OJ)
    20/07/2018 X
    C-301/18 Application (OJ)
    27/07/2018 Leonhard
    C-299/18 Application (OJ)
    27/07/2018 Neldner
    C-299/18 Order
    22/08/2018 Neldner
    EUR-Lex text
    C-298/18 Application (OJ)
    20/07/2018 Grafe and Pohle
    C-297/18 Application (OJ)
    10/08/2018 Köfler and Others
    C-295/18 Application (OJ)
    06/07/2018 Mediterranean Shipping Company (Portugal)
    C-294/18 Application (OJ)
    22/06/2018 Oulun Sähkönmyynti
    C-293/18 Application (OJ)
    06/07/2018 CCOO
    C-291/18 Application (OJ)
    06/07/2018 Grup Servicii Petroliere
    C-290/18 Application (OJ)
    29/06/2018 Commission v Portugal
    C-289/18 Application (OJ)
    27/07/2018 KAMU
    C-288/18 Application (OJ)
    20/07/2018 X
    C-287/18 Application (OJ)
    29/06/2018 Fusignano Due
    C-286/18 Application (OJ)
    29/06/2018 Agrenergy
    C-285/18 Application (OJ)
    20/07/2018 Irgita
    C-284/18 Order
    09/08/2018 Equitalia centro
    EUR-Lex text
    C-284/18 Application (OJ)
    29/06/2018 Equitalia centro