Glasoltherm v Commission
Case C-388/96
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Action based on an arbitration clause, Art. 13 of the EEC-Glasoltherm contract, p 38 et seq of the annexes ─ Compensation for loss suffered through failure to perform a contract for the realization of a thermoelectric microstation project ─ Guarantee, particularly financial, of an alternative project

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  • 22/11/1996

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Publication in the Official Journal

Application: OJ C 40 from 08.02.1997, p.11

Order: OJ C 295 from 27.09.1997, p.9

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Glasoltherm v Commission

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  • Energy

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  • Arbitration clause : dismissal on grounds of inadmissibility
  • Legal aid : dismissal on grounds of inadmissibility

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troisième chambre (Cour)



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  • French

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