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14 June 2002

Travelex Financial Global Services and Interpayment Services Limited v Commission of the European Communities

Hearing in case T-195/00

Travelex Financial Global Services (formerly Thomas Cook Group Limited) and its subsidiary Interpayment Services Limited (ISL) are English companies that carry on business in the financial services, international travel and global travel services sectors. They are among the four largest issuers of travellers cheques in the world. ISL's logo is a'C' (or crescent shape) crossed horizontally in the middle by two curved, parallel lines.

Travelex Financial Global Services and ISL have brought an action for damages before the Court of First Instance of the European Communities seeking compensation for damage they allegedly suffered as a result of the Commission's adoption, promulgation, use and promotion of the euro symbol. The applicants claim that the graphic representation of the euro symbol (.) is similar to ISL's logo, which is registered in a number of Member States, and that, as a consequence, their trade mark rights have been infringed.

Travelex Financial Global Services and ISL are requesting that the Court of First Instance order the Commission to pay them damages of GBP 25.5 million.

The hearing in these proceedings will take place before the Fifth Chamber of the Court of First Instance at 9.30 a.m on Thursday 20 June 2002.

A report for the hearing will be available in the language of the case (English).

If you would like to attend, please return the attached form by fax before Tuesday, 18 June 2002, 12 midday, to the Press and Information Division of the Court of Justice - fax number: 00352-4303-2731

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* photographers and cameramen may not move around the hearing room in order to take photographs or to film;

* press are asked to use the Thomas More entrance, Boulevard Konrad Adenauer.




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