Directorate-General of Administration

Like the other European Union institutions, the Court of Justice enjoys administrative and budgetary autonomy.

Thus, it recruits and manages its staff itself. Approximately 2 000 officials and other staff work at the Court of Justice. That staff, like the staff of the other European Union institutions, is governed by the Staff Regulations of Officials and the Conditions of Employment of Other Servants of the European Union.

The Court draws up an annual estimate of its expenditure, and itself presents and defends that estimate before the political authority (namely the Parliament and the Council, which are the two branches of the European Union's budgetary authority). Lastly, the Court implements its budget once it has been finally adopted by the Parliament. The amount of the Court's annual budget is in the order of EUR 400 million.

As part of its autonomy, the Court also has departments to manage all the fixed and technical infrastructure available to users.

Under the direct authority of the Registrar of the Court of Justice, the Directorate-General for Administration is in charge of all those tasks.

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