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Press Releases

No 122/2017 : 20 November 2017
Environment and consumers
Poland must immediately cease its active forest management operations in the Białowieża Forest, except in exceptional cases where they are strictly necessary to ensure public safety

No 121/2017 : 14 November 2017
Citizenship of the Union
A non-EU national may benefit from a right of residence in the Member State in which his EU citizen family member resided before acquiring the nationality of that Member State in addition to her nationality of origin

No 120/2017 : 14 November 2017
Concertation on price and quantities between several organisations of agricultural producers and associations of such organisations may constitute an agreement, decision or concerted practice for the purposes of competition law

No 119/2017 : 14 November 2017
Area of Freedom, Security and Justice
According to Advocate General Bobek, Maximilian Schrems may be able to rely on his consumer status in order to sue Facebook Ireland before the Austrian Courts with respect to the private use of his own Facebook account

No 118/2017 : 10 November 2017
The EU General Court annuls in part the Commission’s decision against the Icap Group in the cartels relating to Yen interest rate derivatives

No 117/2017 : 9 November 2017
Principles of Community law
According to Advocate General Tanchev, occupational requirements set by religious organisations are subject to judicial review with respect to alleged unlawful discrimination on the basis of belief

No 116/2017 : 9 November 2017
The method used in Spain to determine the basis for the calculation of the duration of unemployment benefit for ‘vertical’ part-time workers is contrary to EU law

No 115/2017 : 9 November 2017
The weekly rest period for workers does not necessarily have to be granted the day following six consecutive working days

No 114/2017 : 9 November 2017
Social security for migrant workers
According to Advocate General Saugmandsgaard Øe, a national court may, in the event of fraud, disapply the social security certificate of posted workers in the European Union

No 113/2017 : 26 October 2017
Duplicate bridge is not a ‘sport’ for the purposes of the VAT Directive and cannot therefore be exempt as such


Press releases are unofficial documents for media use and are not binding on the Court of Justice