Information on judicial vacations

Periods during which hearings are not held

In accordance with Article 15 of the Protocol on the Statute of the Court of Justice, the Court is to remain permanently in session.  Each Court determines the periods of judicial vacation and the periods during which, as a rule, no hearings will be held.

Nevertheless, the Courts and their services continue to operate as normal during those periods, in which hearings can be organised if the circumstances of the case so require.

Thus, for the judicial year 2022/2023hearings will not, as a rule, be held during the following periods : 



- All Saints:
- Christmas:
- Carnival:
- Easter: 
- Ascension:
- Summer:
31.10.2022 > 06.11.2022
19.12.2022 > 08.01.2023
20.02.2023 > 26.02.2023
03.04.2023 > 16.04.2023
29.05.2023 > 04.06.2023
16.07.2023 > 31.08.2023

In addition, the Courts observe the statutory public holidays of  Luxembourg, where they have their seats.

 More information:

Decision of the Court of Justice of 2 February 2021 on official holidays and judicial vacations

Decision of the General Court of 10 February 2021 on judicial vacations