Annual Report


The annual report of the Court of Justice of the European Union is divided into two parts, entitled Judicial activity and Management report. The Court of Justice of the European Union also publishes The year in review, which is a summary of the annual report. 




The year in review

‘The year in review’ summarises the activity of the Court of Justice of the European Union from its judicial, institutional and administrative aspects. It presents the most significant judgments, explaining their implications for European citizens, and, using images, infographics and statistics, provides an overview of events that have marked the year..

Panorama de l'année

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Judicial activity

This part of the report contains a detailed review of the judicial activity of the Court of Justice and the General Court, providing an analysis of the case law with links to full texts, and presenting the year’s judicial statistics.

ra judiciaire 2021

 Judicial activity

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Management report
(Annual activity report of the authorising officer by delegation)

Every year, the institution’s authorising officer by delegation reports to the Union’s budgetary authorities, in accordance with the financial rules applicable, on the management of the institution’s appropriations and expenditure in the form of an annual activity report. The report, entitled ‘Management report’, includes the results achieved by the institution by virtue of the resources allocated to it and the functioning of the internal control systems.

Rapport de gestion

 Management report

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