Press releases

No 80/2020 : 2 July 2020
According to Advocate General Kokott, the addressee, the taxpayer concerned and other concerned third parties must be able to obtain judicial review of an order to provide information made in the context of the cross-border exchange of information between tax authorities

No 79/2020 : 25 June 2020
Area of Freedom, Security and Justice
According to Advocate General Pikamäe, Hungary has failed to fulfil obligations arising from EU law in relation to a substantial part of its national legislation on asylum procedures and the return of illegally staying third-country nationals

No 78/2020 : 25 June 2020
Law governing the institutions
The European Parliament was entitled to adopt the EU budget for 2018 in Brussels, at second reading

No 77/2020 : 25 June 2020
Environment and consumers
An order and a circular that set out the general conditions for the grant of development consent for the installation and operation of wind turbines must themselves be the subject of a prior environmental assessment

No 76/2020 : 25 June 2020
Freedom of movement for persons
Workers are entitled, for the period between an unlawful dismissal and reinstatement as an employee, to annual paid leave or, at the end of the employment relationship, to a payment in lieu of such leave not taken

No 75/2020 : 25 June 2020
Area of Freedom, Security and Justice
Judicial authorities adjudicating on the detention of a third-country national without a legal right of residence can receive an application for international protection and must inform the person concerned of the specific procedures for lodging such an application

No 74/2020 : 18 June 2020
Area of Freedom, Security and Justice
A family member of an EU citizen who is not a national of a Member State but who holds a permanent residence card shall be exempt from the visa requirement for entry into the territory of the Member States.

No 73/2020 : 18 June 2020
Free movement of capital
The restrictions imposed by Hungary on the financing of civil organisations by persons established outside that Member State do not comply with EU law

No 72/2020 : 11 June 2020
Environment and consumers
The strict protection of animal species provided for in the Habitats Directive also extends to specimens that leave their natural habitat and stray into human settlements

No 71/2020 : 11 June 2020
Freedom of establishment
The fact that in the Slovak Republic, the power to appoint and to dismiss the president of the national regulatory authority passed from the President of the Republic to the government does not in itself constitute an infringement of the electricity market directive

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